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Column information
Polluters in Harrisonburg, Virginia
Banta Book Group516107,247.81
City Of Harrisonburg - Resource Recovery Facility819313,951.96
Gemini Coatings Of Virginia Inc6655,054.00
George'S Foods Llc62841,683.32
Harmony Shenandoah Valley Llc51468,157.97
Harrisonburg Landfill28281,028.28
Harrisonburg Rrf14221,433,486.63
Intrapac Corporation2022294,424.42
Jmu - James Madison University64446,483.40
Pilgrim'S Pride Corporation62862,980.88
Quarles Petroleum Inc1931,206.49
Quarles Petroleum Inc. Harrisonburg Bulk Plant121,000.00
R R Donnelley & Sons Co Inc722184,786.80
Reddy Ice Cassco Harrisonburg113,500.00
Transprint Usa103582,030.66
Turkey Lf2828226.28
Tyson Foods Inc. Processing Plant2223,856.00
Walker Manufacturing Company11023,624.00