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Polluters in Salt Lake City, Utah
Aggregate Processing & Concrete Batch Plant22516,860.00
Agi At Slc Int'L Airport14256.20
Aircraft And Parts Manufacturing137714,921.24
Alta Group L.L.C.12255.00
Aluminum Dross Processing Facility63011,831.80
Asphalt Mixing Plant63735,240.00
Atwood Mobile Prods.112.00
Beck Street North Pit And Hot Plant632258,852.00
Beck Street South Hot Plant61972,216.00
Blanchard Metals Processing Co.8113,191.30
Boise Paper Solutions - Packaging62824,380.00
Brody Chemical116.00
Cabinet Manufacturing16140179,135.99
Cabinet Manufacturing Facility1135100,394.00
Cabinet Manufacturing Facility92894,070.32
Cereal Food Processors - Salt Lake51437,280.00
Circuit Graphics Inc.111.00
Coldset Printing Presses & Stamping52635,410.60
Commercial Woodwork Manufacturing52247,620.00
Crown Asphalt Prods. Co. Gadsby Asphalt Terminal120.31
Crown Plating Company Incorporated44260.10
Custom Plating Facility8153,412.00
Delta Airlines At Slc Int'L Airport1314023,959.57
Detergent Manufacturing10178203,669.50
Division Of Wildlife Resources Area Landfill161662,557.32
Eimco Process Equipment486,140.00
Electro Acoustics Division11385,927.30
Ethylene Oxide Commercial Sterilization71010,888.00
Fiber Science Division6245,330.72
Foam Insulation Manufacturing Facility2418,812.00
Gadsby Power Plant451711,153,125.19
Gadsby Tank Farm Asphalt Transfer Facility5219,632.42
Gateway Shopping Plaza Blocks A&B6538,466.00
General Office Total Energy Plant55192.20
Gravel Pit2259,560.20
Guidance & Control Litton Sys.122.83
Hallmark Cabinet161817,137.08
Hexcel Corp.4859,683.00
Hudson Printing65631,916.00
Huntsman Cancer Center131914,230.53
Industrial Laundry546106,117.00
Interstate Baking Company - Salt Lake538157,890.00
Johnson Matthey23700.45
L-3 Communications120.41
Laundry Facility6846,633.27
Manufacturing Facility1134532,421.68
Mark Steel Corp. Jordan River Plant1138,249.00
Metal Shredder/Recovery113,480.00
Mount Jordan Operations1246111,106.20
North Operations Center86169,422.60
O.C. Tanner Manufacturing Facility71510,135.53
Oil Recycling Facility2437,352.16
Orange Street Operation62811,032.00
Parleys Canyon Aggregate Facility2217,228.00
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility63165,877.60
Pit #1063036,540.00
Pit #14 - Point Of The Mountain6181,080.00
Pit #5 - Salt Lake County62555,220.00
Point Of The Mtn - Aggregate Production29186506,048.46
Power Plant61229,840.00
Primary Children'S Medical Center530171,920.00
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing269169,774.56
Printing Press - Crossroads Corporate Center51961,920.00
Pump Shop 6187,992.00
Redwood Campus6611,676.40
Regent Street62335,864.00
Rocky Mountain Fabrication3310.00
Rubber Conveyor Systems Manufacture133844,332.22
Rubber Engineering 1680117,437.00
Salt Lake Chrome Plating Bumper Exchange674,065.16
Salt Lake City Bag Manufacturing Plant61545,626.00
Salt Lake City International Airport720326,732.80
Salt Lake City Plant5106126,308.20
Salt Lake City Refinery292393,749,840.20
Salt Lake Concrete Batch Plant G1673845,200.21
Salt Lake Manufacturing Facility2279,853.00
Salt Lake Operations171830,928.71
Salt Lake Printing Center - Lds Church75272,360.46
Salt Lake Refinery254265,858,486.31
Salt Lake Valley Landfill & Transfer Station23103636,186.30
Shipping Terminal154,973.74
Skywest Airlines At Slc Int'L Airport158315,649.84
Soils Regeneration Site63330,700.00
South City Campus664,275.60
South Temple Central Heating Plant61848,000.00
Steel Coatings Inc.1112,113.00
Thatcher Co.482,265.00
Truck Top Manufacturing51219,639.00
Tubing Manufacturing Facility942111,093.45
University Of Utah Facilities13120227,817.61
Usa Inds.110.49
Utah Air National Guard At Slc Int'L Airport510717,281.60
Utah Metal Works73531,208.40
Walker Facility16105210,890.00
Waste Control Management Landfill282833,976.77
Wastewater Treatment Plant754688,554.65
Western Fiberglass - Salt Lake City Plant1459481,775.20