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Polluters in San Antonio, Texas
1604 Plant153507,695,910.19
Air Conditioning Mfg.165867,314.00
Alamo Marble113,419.00
Alcoa San Antonio Works12159523,925.73
Alkek Gas Plant556142,338.00
Allied Aviation Fueling Co. Of Texas Inc.48767.00
Arlon Signtech Ltd.124,248.00
Berridge Mfg. Co.1142.00
Bldg. 376--Central Boiler52030,260.00
Boeing Aerospace Support32246145,765.00
Bulk Fuels Terminal1389162,087.20
Burnell Station1135737,852.59
Cabinet Manufacturing Fac1363254,031.60
Cardell Cabinets Inc. San Antonio Facility2234,838.00
Chemcentral/San Antonio121,000.00
Citgo San Antonio Terminal991138,091.60
Colonial Cake Co.794122,116.00
Columbia Industries Inc813326,051.40
Covel Gardens Rpd Facility2141618,703.61
Dept Of Defense Us Army6934122,607.20
Fashing Plant131483,983,697.78
Imperial Marble112,389.00
Industrial Chrome Plate1272.00
Kimberly-Clark San Antonio Ops.1210.00
Koch Pipeline Co. L.P. San Antonio Terminal9155,722.10
Lackland Air Force Base336211,272,065.59
Leon Creek Plant6180.00
Martin Marietta Materials12369542,683.80
Mission Plant69400.00
New Braunfels Facility12260.00
Panam Expr Fab & Ctng1288326,900.00
Perkinelmer Automotive Re10704359,872.20
Petroleum Refinery9308138,826.40
Philips Semiconductors241,010.00
Portland Cement2243010,433,920.53
Randolph Air Force Base31364186,549.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (616901)112.00
San Antonio Bakery84468,600.00
San Antonio Facility2115556,837.80
San Antonio Market Terminal13168117,054.00
San Antonio Retail Support Center112,309.00
San Antonio Terminal1510761,261.89
San Antonio Terminal East1171115,216.20
Sas Shoemakers, Inc.89935,989.00
Sommers Deely Spruce Pwr8445982,513,838.50
Sony Semiconductor San Antonio365,439.00
Southwest Galvanizing Inc.221,783.00
Southwest Research Instit7441,029,250.01
Tessman Road Landfill2032395,680.00
Timco Facility175021,529.40
U.S. Army Camp Bullis Training Site11174.50
Univ Of Texas At San Ant515106,209.40
V.H. Braunig Plant451962,285,964.10
Vertis, Inc.61879,860.00
Vp Racing Fuels Inc.444,950.00
W.B. Tuttle Plant38161206,027.30
Xytronics, Ltd.110.74