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Polluters in Pasadena, Texas
Clear Lake Plant6210458,500,887.99
Pasadena Plant256216,973,684.20
Pasadena Plant303935,616,507.23
Air Liquide Bayport Compl7514,725,674.57
Houston Chemical Complex1110382,063,682.20
Pasadena Cogeneration12581,647,907.98
Pasadena Pvc Plant112851,251,805.98
Pasadena Plant2711761,248,244.01
Ditntrotoluene Plant154141,210,047.23
Agrifos L L C101711,101,985.01
Styrene Modernization Pr19277950,885.80
Clear Lake Gas Plant11199937,074.80
Albemarle Alkyls Unit251371930,599.00
Lyondell Chemical Bayport13777775,872.21
Pasadena Plant16129701,002.60
Bayport Hdpe Plant11393694,305.40
Paper Company19389622,758.40
Bayport Plant22567622,403.80
Industrial Wastewater Department501010488,638.20
Basell U.S.A., Inc.5211456,701.79
Kaneka Texas Corporation14148454,696.60
Pasadena Terminal16397387,406.47
Kuraray America Inc7426347,430.40
Bayport Plant628344,641.61
Petrolite Corporation26830339,259.40
Bayport Plant1184332,815.00
Haldor Topsoe, Inc.12237327,721.20
Bayport Facility40363284,104.40
Lonza Incorporated14305226,422.00
Marathon Ashland Pipe Ln13136214,963.60
Pasadena Station12177160,099.20
Jefferson St Truck Rack T11118147,071.60
Texas Pan Service Inc755129,718.80
Memc Pasadena Inc11140108,837.80
Goodyear Tire And Rubber12121101,076.77
Oil Tanking Pasadena76691,823.80
Deepwater Station384485,389.79
Colex Terminal21880,050.40
Pasadena Terminal1014878,808.00
F.M.C. Corporation2311075,944.59
Solvents Plant113872,875.80
Bayport Site97648,721.00
Georgia Gulf Corp., Pasadena Plant Ship Dock Wharf121638,956.08
Hoyer Terminal Services51138,644.00
Newpark Shipbuilding-Pasadena152138,505.15
Clear Lake Manufacturing2718636,046.00
Roger W. Powell Plant1446735,494.60
Clear Lake Meter Site 121024,536.00
Pasadena Pulp Mill318822,803.00
American Acryl L.P.3519,512.00
Bp Amoco Chemical Co.579,456.00
Can Holdings Inc. Ticona Gur Bayport Plant127,850.00
Ethyl Corp.16325,703.00
Chemcomm Inc.364,500.00
Sunoco Inc. (R&M)354,476.00
Equistar Chemicals L.P. Bayport Polymers472,250.00
Dianal America Inc.242,199.00
Septon Co. Of America361,582.00
Nova Molecular Techs. Inc.361,500.00
Tessenderlo Kerley Inc.121,215.00
Quest Separation Techs. Inc.8141,136.00
Phyto-Source L.P.241,015.00
Nissan Chemical Houston Corp.23989.00
Coastal Chemical Co. L.L.C.36940.00
Huish Detergents Texas12530.00
Macdermid Inc.12500.00
Atofina Chemicals Inc.11250.00
Lamson & Sessions110.05