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Polluters in Houston, Texas
Nasa Lbj Space Center83703243,521.40
Aes Deepwater Inc7713513,932,484.44
Houston Olefins Plant47845902,838.21
Nasa Ellington Field4110363,632.20
Newpark Shipbuilding39324126,932.40
T.H. Wharton Station38120837,288.72
Greens Bayou Electric3879482,160.04
Hockley Facility38972,219.80
P H Robinson Station382039,484,207.44
Channel Energy Energy36332111,398,462.20
Gb Biosciences Corporatio302284450,647.67
Houston Refinery29227610,367,003.75
Merisol-Greens Bayou Plt271317526,535.40
Witco Corporation26802359,656.80
Owens Corning25262279,493.20
Atofina Inc252031,953,947.51
Custom Blast Services, Inc.2410286,062.60
Houston Plant2413116,465,456.00
Cb&I Constructors Inc2411099,391.00
Smith International Inc231504935,544.20
General Electric "Aep/Aps"23126108,657.40
Tx Petrochemicals Lp234145,531,967.80
Westhollow Tech Center2371201,577.60
Chevron Chemical Co2111155,669,028.77
Southline Metal Products21174377,818.20
Goodyear Houston Chem Plt2119842,094,627.11
South Coast Terminals Lp2130057,504.00
Motiva Enterprises Llc20288144,107.40
Champion Coatings Inc205436,475.50
Chemcentral Southwest L.P.2021940,390.40
Foster Products Corporation202364,198.20
Tuboscope West Little York Coating Plant1914372,701.20
Russell Stanley Sw Inc19169141,108.40
North Houston Terminal189366,621.04
Bollinger Shipyards, Inc.1810394,468.80
Industrial Metal Finishing182623,016.60
Architectural Woodwork17810.00
Promotional Printing177917,574.20
Tuboscope, Inc.17188193,639.20
Mccarty Rd Landfill Flare1735259,862.00
Continental Airlines, Inc.17223110,159.20
Parkens International16163,086.61
American Envirotech1616116.42
Custom Pipe Coating Inc1624105,105.80
Brochsteins, Inc.1612438,633.80
Houston Plant & Forklift15169110,550.80
Chem Central Houston151337,880.60
Trnscntnntl Gas Pipeline157184,108.40
Quality Electric Steel Casting, Inc.15195455,828.20
Brown & Root Greens Bayou144916,797.20
Baylor College Of Med1411650,197.20
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.14568922,821.60
Akzo Nobel Chemicals, Inc.14503696,896.20
Cook Composites & Polymers Co.14287,786.07
Exxonmobil South Houston Terminal147444,444.02
Reichhold Chemicals Inc1418258,455.00
Houston Terminal14229295,020.56
Intercoastal Trmnl Inc1478138,590.40
Florida Gas Transmission1442762,668.00
Wetmore & Company138665,468.40
The Houston Chronicle133226,066.00
Abitibi-Consolidated Corporation Sheldon Mill131682,143,067.01
Plant 62133027,765.60
Heatset Web Printing132124,101.60
El Paso Field Services Almeda13164361,877.20
Cypress Plant12466297,615.60
North Milton1232118,924.60
Grover Printing Company121222,971.00
West Clear Lake Peaking12226185,543.40
Compressor Site1286317,365.40
Mission Petroleum Carrier122610,204.00
Univar Usa12242,877.00
International Paint, Inc.1210128,720.60
Quality Product Finishing128374,407.40
Southwest Freeway122338,895.80
Dayton Manufacturing Unit1244131,766.20
Raywood East Facility1210662,892.20
Texas Hobby Auto Auction127419,538.00
Enterprise Products Operating, L.P.123884,148,113.23
Crude Petroleum Pipeline126147,595.60
Highland 116 "A" Platform1138238,062.40
Davis 1 Battery116292,925.80
Varco Shaffer Facility117050,693.00
Bammel Gasfield1123247,437.00
Houston Site114635,569.00
Hamill Estate Compressor Station115163,281.20
Thermal Energy Coop113110,054.40
Whispering Pines Landfill101998,286.00
Universal Compression104033,098.00
Houston Terminal105843,390.60
Texas Medical Center1067179,882.80
Ellwood Texas Forge103262,903.00
Powell Electrical Manuf C108065,200.80
Metal Prep., Inc.102287,944.20
Shore Acres Compressor104010,932.80
Mcfarland Facility103379,697.60
Houston Plant95227,402.20
Enduro Composite Systems93871,568.40
Durkee Field92113,094.80
Crude Oil Pipeline93416,261.60
Houston Plant93968,725.60
Champagne Fine Printing94134,604.40
Rice University839165,939.00
East Houston Tank Farm821342,926.00
Riviana Foods Inc8207195,774.40
Fauna Station85643,088.20
Houston Plant88190,170.00
Rki Inc84723,336.00
Longhorn Glass81661,175,870.47
Nci Building Systems L P83850,074.80
Ashland Distribution Co.8164,552.00
Crystal Crk Ceramic Tile890604,036.00
Compressor Station 2835307,247.61
Carthage Sta No 1761351,165.80
End Finishing733174,410.00
Hobas Pipe Usa Inc711376,464.60
69th St Sludge Drying798150,572.80
Houston Almeda Sims73868,310.00
Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P.718242,134.60
The Earthgrains Companies78629,851.00
M D Anderson Cancer Ctr716132,095.20
Kirby Lumber Tank Battery63954,400.00
H O Clarke Station6364,256.40
Reed Hycalog Lp6125162,547.80
Bluebonnet Recycling And Disposal Facility617211,035.20
Sugarland Compressor Station622160,515.40
Marble Manufacturing Faci66138,500.00
Gsf Energy Llc632114,198.40
Valero Almeda Refined Prods. Terminal6124,158.00
Tuboscope A Div. Of Varco Plant 3668,916.00
Allied Aviation Fueling Co. Of Houston Inc. - Iah6126,911.00
Maxwell House Division6584791,976.60
University Of Houston67561,324.00
Mrs Bairds Bakeries67048,595.40
Furnace Plant54016,469.60
Jacob Stern And Sons Inc51027,983.60
Wyman-Gordon Forgings Inc.592,265.03
Quest Chemical Corp.5714,139.00
United Structures Of Am520117,004.00
Central Plant529167,440.00
Houston Asphalt Terminal5207,861.80
Performance Plastic Produ56036,006.00
Quietflex Mfg Co Lp51529,447.60
Monco Compressor Station519363,381.80
Alternative Fuels Dev5140.00
Whirlwind Bldg Systems4777,920.00
Brenntag Southwest Inc. Houston48807.00
Pilot Chemical Co.36765.00
Garlock Metallic Gaskets3315.00
Kik (Houston) Inc.338,334.62
Bonney Forge Texas L.P. (Dba Wfi Intl.)3315.00
Tyco Valves & Controls L.P.361,500.00
Sartomer Co. Inc.36551.00
Schumacher Co. Inc.34147.42
Bonanza Marble Company3664,580.00
Reef Industries Inc32023,417.40
Hobby Airport Jet Fuel3249,158.00
D & R Metal Finishing365,908.00
Friendswood B C Station280.00
Dixie Electro Plating Co.2312.92
Galvanizing Services Co.Inc.22765.00
Degussa Construction Chemicals Ops. Inc.244,342.00
United Galvanizing Inc.225,498.00
Dxi Inds. Inc.231,012.00
Lone Star Heat Treating Co. Ltd.2210.00
Southwest Galvanizing Inc.22235.00
Merchant Metals Inc.22409.00
Blentech Corp.2345.60
Georgia-Pacific Resins Inc.24269.00
Lead Prods. Co. Inc.24160.00
Abb Vetco Gray Inc.24272.00
Shaw Fabricators Inc.2262.00
Eastex Forest Prods.2210.00
Subsea Ventures Inc.2313,007.00
Schlumberger Tech. Corp.2214.00
Mirror Inds.1230.10
West U Marble111,935.00
Set Environmental Inc.1210.00
Arrow Marble L.L.C.1117,128.00
Jet-Lube Inc.1112.00
North American Galvanizing Co. Fairbanks1110.00
Varco Quality Tubing Tuboscope Div.1115,818.00
Halliburton Energy Services Inc. Security Dbs1180.00
Thomas & Betts Corp.1145.00
Ashbrook Corp.115.00
Fmc Energy Sys.11250.00
Manchester Terminal Corp., Ship Channel Wharf.1129.88
Syntech Chemicals Inc.117,539.00
Manchester Terminal Corp., Sims Bayou Wharf1129.88
Accent Marble Co. Inc.119,994.00
Metalplate Galvanizing L.P.115.00
Metalplate Galvanizing L.P.1110.00
Clorox Prods. Mfg. Co.115.00
Gardner Asphalt Inc.120.14
Halliburton Energy Services - Cps Mfg. Sawyer111.00
Southwestern Plating Co. Inc.1117.00
Gulf Reduction Corp. Greenwood Metal Div. Of U.S. Zin12809.00
Dallas Chemical Techs. Inc.1110.00
Houston Retail Support Center111,516.00
Foam Enterprises000.00
Igloo Prods. Corp.000.00