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Polluters in Grand Prairie, Texas
Abc Compounding Co. Of Texas Inc.5101,775.00
Baker Hughes Mining Tools Inc.12494.00
Cosmed Of Texas1154.00
Hanson Pipe & Prods.113,150.00
Marshall Street Facility2220059,206.49
Plant 5a48383226,311.60
Plumbing Fixture41482,060.00
Poly-America L.P.1132,000.00
Polymer Prods. Inc.000.00
Pratt & Whitney Engine Services Inc. Airfoils & Coatings2452.20
Sealed Air Corporation62042,365.20
Sun Chemical - Gpi12129.00
Texas Aircraft Milling Inc.118,840.00
Valspar Coatings126848,985.60