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Polluters in El Paso, Texas
Phelps Dodge Magnet Wire14704159,335.80
El Paso Refinery205803,715,122.80
Chevron South224542,522,719.17
El Paso Plant142601,076,900.19
El Paso Compressor Station72151,191,407.00
El Paso Plant1021543,100.20
Newman Station441534,954,870.01
Bulk Gasoline Terminal18151141,882.40
El Paso Terminal1012799,488.80
The Boeing Company1410818,408.00
Border Steel, Inc.12103656,248.71
Tony Lama159275,804.20
Kessler Industries Inc69013,885.60
El Paso Marketing Termina96322,240.20
El Paso Bulk Terminal86035,965.00
W Silver Incorporated835112,955.00
Santa Fe Terminal13305,209.00
The Earthgrains Companies63040,923.40
Dayco El Paso Plant72540,643.20
Providence Memorial Hospi62425,920.00
Hueco Compressor Station72352,448.60
Western Refining Co. El Paso Refy.142221,565.90
Guadalupe Compressor Station7161,561,374.00
Hart And Cooley91354,406.00
Slag Plant2120.00
Copper Substation911215,200.00
Starrfoam Manufacturing21020,080.00
Rexcel Coatings Corp.363,397.00
Mccombs Municipal Landfil357,482.20
Franklin Building Materials3340,295.00
Isomedix Ops. Inc.13140.00
Phelps Dodge Copper Prods. Co.124,600.00
Hanley Paint Mfg. Inc.22500.00
Hoover Co. El Paso Plant116,882.00
Autotronic Controls Corp.111.10
El Paso Pvc1110.00