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Polluters in Corpus Christi, Texas
Barney M Davis Power Sta411114,896,700.71
Corpus Christi East Plant399324,174,297.20
West Refinery3821049,012,366.61
Nueces Bay Power Station38963,111,529.16
Lon C Hill Power Station38172673,328.79
Valero Refining Company3510718,785,236.01
Corpus Christi Refinery31111218,232,303.21
Flint Hills Resources L.P. West Plant2845544,617.00
Corpus Christi Army Depot27391146,306.60
Complex 6b 7 824117317,186,441.69
West Refinery242112,720,132.90
Corpus Christi Energy Center 2040678,366.95
Trigeant Ltd19105852,243.28
Corpus Christi Plant173813,577,720.08
American Chrome & Chemicals Lp12364646,512.00
Shoup Gas Plant111191,577,122.18
Flour Bluff Station1057378,924.00
Marine Loading Docks936442,052.80
Deep Sea Terminal811590,668.00
Williams Terminal Holdings, L.P.8144279,698.20
Port Of Corpus Christi, Oil Dock No. 9.664,927.45
Cogeneration Facility659231,840.00
Port Of Corpus Christi, Oil Dock No. 7.442,009.74
Port Of Corpus Christi, Oil Dock No. 11.44202.63
Encycle Texas Inc.35108.00
Univar Usa3691.00
U.S. Navy Naval Air Station Corpus Cristi222.10
Celanese Ltd. Corpus Christi Technical Center12180.00
Air Liquide Corpus Christi Smr Plant127,222.00