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Polluters in Amarillo, Texas
Amarillo Compressor Sta716509,500.41
Amarillo Facility133201,316,249.99
Beef Prods. Inc.1211,000.00
Canyon Station527214,031.60
Claude Compressor Station11223,020.00
Copper Refinery141312,798,151.96
Crouse-Hinds Div. Of Cooper Inds.000.00
Fain Gas Plant112142,386,521.21
Harrington Station8036688,018,871.41
Ibp Inc.3585,760.00
Kast Marble Inc.112,405.00
Nichols Station391262,033,375.96
Ogre Inc. (Dba The Mur-Tex Co.)1221,921.00
Pfc 19723228,687.80
Refined Products Terminal15129109,489.80
Valero Amarillo Refined Prods. Terminal6124,338.00