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Polluters in Nashville, Tennessee
A F L Wire Products - California Avenue353,120.00
A F L Wire Products-Morrow Road5813,482.60
A. Schulman39476.40
Advanced Plating, Inc.240.00
Aladdin Temp-Rite000.00
All Seasons Memorials55238.00
Alley-Cassetty Truck Center773,620.00
Alternative Energy, Llc51628,380.00
Ambrose Printing Co9299,252.90
American Ace Llc12876.00
American Airlines147,960.00
Aqua Bath Co Inc33121,704.00
Aramark Uniform Services6263,764.78
Ashland Chemical Co10334,668.60
B F I Of Tenn.334,874.00
Baptist Hospital51513,700.00
Best One Tire & Service597,886.00
Bp Products North America87744,306.70
Brandau Printing, Inc.358,278.00
Bruce Hardwood Floor1261394,425.42
Buford Lewis Co3718,830.20
C S X Transportation, Inc.11260.00
Cargill Steel & Wire676,424.00
Cellux Converters Ind34224.80
Cemex, Inc.161,640.00
Centennial Medical Center51035,220.00
Centurion Stone Inc (Closed)553,140.00
Chemrock Corp5118,342.00
Chromemasters , Inc.110.00
Citgo Petroleum Corp87870,112.00
Classic Printing81817,422.00
Cliff'S Cabinet Company101524,800.00
Clover Bottom Hospital5518,973.60
Collins & Aikman (Nashville Plastic)44114.00
Colonial Pipeline77818.80
Cone Solvents Inc.134213,116.72
Country Delite Farms1115,151.00
Cumberland Architectural Millwork111426,380.00
Cumberland Terminals163740,986.60
Custom Craft Cabinet92034,900.40
Davis Cabinet Company91214,498.00
Dixie Graphics Co122528,086.00
Douglas Printing Inc.566,698.00
Earthgrains Co. Of Nashville51086,483.60
Embraer Aircraft Maint. Services, Inc.102517,642.00
Embraer Aircraft Maint. Services, Inc.7242,131.20
Environmental Wood Recycling590.00
Ergon Inc612860.80
Exxonmobil Corporation88751,560.07
Faithful Friends Pet Memorial Serv. Llc661,085.20
Falcon Press (Formerly Nicholstone)133,108.60
Fender Musical Instruments10101,457.60
Fiserv Solutions Dba Patterson Press72119,510.00
Fontaine Truck Equipment Co551,544.00
Franklin Graphics, Inc.464,968.00
G A F Corporation99342,283.90
G E Energy Rentals, Inc.551,023.20
Gibson Company220.00
Gibson Guitar Co - Electric Division1194100,560.00
Gibson Guitar Custom Shop51219,358.00
Gibson Guitar Customer Service Division66308.00
Gibson Original Acoustic Instruments10196,212.00
Goodyear Tire And Rubber (Closed)472,724.00
Greer Stop Nut34658.00
H & E Printing Co587,991.00
H & H Associates Inc.12168,416.16
H M A Contractors, L.L.C.224567,792.00
H M A Products, L.L.C.2339205,115.79
Haileys Harbor Inc.2683,278.00
Hard Chrome Platers, Inc.220.00
Harris Press, Inc.4104,766.00
Holcim (U.S.) Inc.21340,500.00
Hoover Company Inc.143,020.00
Hunter Marine Transport152,444.88
I K G Industries5727,914.00
Imperial Ink Closed220.00
Ingram Materials Co.139,552.00
International Paint Incorporated2308,477.00
Irving Materials Inc.162,032.00
Irving Materials, Inc.172,174.00
John Bouchard & Sons91117,530.00
Johnston & Murphy Shoe Company(Closed)84415,568.60
Kohl & Madden Printing Ink Corp. #1332,470.60
Lafarge North America21027,493.00
Lawson Redi-Mix Inc151,868.60
Leggett & Platt Inc-Nova Bond Div10208,434.00
Lellyet & Rogers Co45692.00
Lion Oil Company85319,688.00
Lithographics Inc81853,040.10
Lithographics Sld, Inc.361,576.00
Lojac Enterprise Inc1319150,080.00
Lojac Enterprises, Inc.133597,228.00
Lojac Enterprises, Inc.112555,672.00
Lojac Enterprises, Inc. - Closed8919,392.27
Lone Star Ind Inc1328,686.00
M M Nashville Energy, Llc2370332,518.00
Madison Mill Inc228,280.00
Magellan Terminals Holdings, L.P.96762,872.80
Magellan Terminals Holdings, L.P.76429,448.00
Magnetic Ticket & Label Corp.81910,108.00
Magnetic Ticket & Label Corp.112,112.00
Mail-Well Envelope Co. - Closed31120,074.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc76248,211.40
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc121715,384.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc99297,861.40
Marcus Paint Company171711,355.20
Marshall & Bruce Co61015,938.00
Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.22814,040.00
Mcquiddy Printing Co81619,858.00
Meguiar'S Inc.3386.00
Mercury Air Center114,880.00
Metro - Bordeaux Landfill252542,700.00
Metro Animal Services66640.00
Metro Central W W T P158114,811.38
Metro Ready Mix1127,096.00
Metro Ready Mix181,318.33
Metro Ready Mix Concrete Inc.139,476.00
Metro Water - K.R. Harrington Plant568,490.78
Mid South Wire116,300.00
Mortuary Associates Inc66266.88
Motiva Enterprise98781,519.00
Nashville Chemical & Equipment Co. Inc.115.00
Nashville Ready Mix152,040.00
Nashville Recycling - Closed770.00
Nashville Thermal Transfer Corp1771977,967.13
Nashville Wire Products5628,078.00
Nashville Wire Products-Plating Division7127,792.97
North American Composites7113,160.00
North American Galvanizing Co.71210,134.00
Opryland Usa Inc968330,530.00
Ouimet Corp720131,249.00
P I Z Industries, Inc.225,480.00
P S C Metals, Inc.3512,044.00
Perfection Plating110.00
Phillips-Robinson Co.66442.00
Pollock Printing Company8914,218.00
Purina Mills Inc73028,229.00
Purity Dairies Inc.6620,315.00
Quebecor World - Retail Group812178,110.00
Quikrete Nashville62128,754.00
R E O Stone Llc2169,424.00
R T S Wright Industries, L L C661,917.60
Rhodia Inc.747380,441.80
Rich Printing Co. Inc82128,654.80
Rogers Group Inc. - Reostone(Closed)131749,930.80
Rogers Mfg Co4719,080.00
Safety Kleen6122,811.03
Saint Thomas Hospital61139,772.00
Sanders Mfg Co6710,739.00
Sequatchie Concrete Service, Inc.163,310.00
Servitech Industries8197,310.00
Signal Mtn Cement Co21615,152.00
Southern Colortype Co399,514.00
Southern Machinery Co6711,770.40
Southern Medical Disposal66192.13
Springs Industries, Inc.51639,272.00
Sun Chemical Corp22896.00
Tenn Dept Of Transportation6103,721.40
Tenn Dept. Of Agriculture33772.00
Tenn Dept. Of Health Laboratory Services33266.00
Tennessee Mat Co. Inc.91364,260.00
Tennessee State University82327,514.43
Tennessee Wheel & Rubber10174,513.52
The Imagery Group, Inc.332,400.00
The Mulch Company5840,800.00
The Tennessean5712,607.80
Trew Ind Wheels Inc7146,774.00
Trucolor Co.128,720.00
United Cabinet Corp1134165,804.27
United States Tobacco Mfg Lp1254293,298.00
V.A. Tn. Valley Healthcare System51119,370.00
Vanderbilt University101053,203,304.77
Vanderbilt University Medical Center666,820.00
Vanderbilt University Printing Services9144,627.40
Vaughan Printing51116,478.00
Vision Graphics673,872.08
Visteon Corp - Nashville Glass131982,598,903.00
Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc23326158,420.30
Vulcan Materials214137,240.00
Vulcan Materials21082,626.00
Vulcan Materials210143,152.00
Warren Paint & Color6630,218.00
Werthan Packaging, Inc.51694,616.00
West Harpeth Funeral Home66530.60