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Polluters in Jackson, Tennessee
The Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Company104384,334,233.35
Owens Corning113172,165,749.80
Gerdau Ameristeel1719513,057,627.73
Bruce Hardwood Flooring, L.P.101584,029,742.00
Ormet Aluminum Mill Products Corporation1514511,814,005.60
Bruce Hardwood Flooring1141395,170.04
Devilbiss Air Power Company631121,148.00
Madison County Landfill2828324.45
Printpack, Inc.62263,060.60
Intermet Jackson Plant48102.10
Sonoco Products Company77284,364.00
Sonoco Products Company77189,580.00
Delta Faucet Co. Of Tennessee2214.00
Dal-Tile Corp. Jackson Mfg.12133.00
General Cable Inds. Inc.227.00
Citiplate Inc.129,419.00
Young Touchstone115.60
Electri-Glass Inc.1113,564.00
Aurora Foods Inc.114,100.00
Jackson-Madison County Landfill11172,740.00