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Polluters in Jackson, Tennessee
Aurora Foods Inc.114,100.00
Bruce Hardwood Flooring1141395,170.04
Bruce Hardwood Flooring, L.P.101584,029,742.00
Citiplate Inc.129,419.00
Dal-Tile Corp. Jackson Mfg.12133.00
Delta Faucet Co. Of Tennessee2214.00
Devilbiss Air Power Company631121,148.00
Electri-Glass Inc.1113,564.00
General Cable Inds. Inc.227.00
Gerdau Ameristeel1719513,057,627.73
Intermet Jackson Plant48102.10
Jackson-Madison County Landfill11172,740.00
Madison County Landfill2828324.45
Ormet Aluminum Mill Products Corporation1514511,814,005.60
Owens Corning113172,165,749.80
Printpack, Inc.62263,060.60
Sonoco Products Company77284,364.00
Sonoco Products Company77189,580.00
The Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Company104384,334,233.35
Young Touchstone115.60