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Polluters in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Abra Auto Body233,800.00
Abrasive Blasting & Coating224,480.00
Accu-Cast, Inc.7163,828.80
Acheson Foundry & Machine Works, Inc.6844,780.00
Adm Milling Company32141,835.02
Aki, Inc. (Encapsulation)(Formerly Arcade, Inc.)441,900.00
Aki, Inc. (Printing)84037,100.00
Allied Metal Co.71316,344.60
Alstom Power Inc. Plate Formed Prods. Div.11573.00
Alstom Power,Inc.1015166,395.94
Alternative Fuels, L.L.C.660.00
American Colloid Company131,700.00
American Materials Technologies, L.L.C.397,480.00
Applied Thermal Coatings, Inc.683,755.64
Arcade Marketing Inc.1219,582.00
Architectural Surfaces, L.L.C.2215,500.00
Astec Industries, Inc.2978,720.00
Atlanta Terminal Company680.00
Bacon Products Corporation1220.00
Basf Corporation, Plant #1143163,125.58
Basf Corporation, Plant #2164089,643.86
Benton Oil Service Inc.1212.00
Benton Oil Service, Inc.479,685.14
Bfi Waste Services, L.L.C.223,320.00
Blazer Fabricating, L.L.C.225.00
Brach'S Confections713272,800.00
Brenntag Mid-South, Inc.6109,132.20
Bulk Intermodal Distribution Services33262.20
Bunge Foods Corporation829349,027.80
Burner Systems International, Inc.8843,675.00
Cannon Equipment Southeast, Inc.592,225.78
Capital Toyota, Inc.247,420.00
Caraustar Mill Group, Inc. D/B/A Chattanooga Paperboard111293,311.50
Cargill, Inc. -- Sugar Terminal8920,585.20
Casting Materials Division - Hickman, Williams & Company Of Ky2380.00
Cbs Ready Mix111,460.00
Cemex, Inc.125,860.00
Chattanooga Armature Works, Inc.7234,331.06
Chattanooga Boiler & Tank Co.2210.00
Chattanooga Collision Center, Inc.249,540.00
Chattanooga Gas Company52581,440.00
Chattanooga General Services Co.8208,768.56
Chattanooga Labeling Systems, Inc.997,475.98
Chattanooga Pattern & Foundry, Inc.12680.00
Chattanooga Plating & Machine130.00
Chattanooga Ready Mix Company1114,920.00
Chattanooga Tufters, Inc.221,080.00
Chattem Chemicals, Inc.1141177,728.00
Chattem, Inc.51217,960.00
Chevron Products Company220.00
Chevron U.S.A., Inc.61287,100.00
Citgo Petroleum Corporation61731,170.42
City Of Chattanooga (1)1119,500.00
City Of Chattanooga Moccasin Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant35616,199.98
Clean Harbors Chattanooga, Llc132820,983.42
Columbus Mckinnon Corp., Dixie Industries Division242,960.00
Commercial Metals Company1116,200.00
Conagra Foods, Inc.613145,740.00
Conagra Poultry Company92121,284.44
Conoco Inc.111737,416.00
Consolidated Metal Services, Inc.11900.00
Corley Manufacturing Co.6631,760.00
Covenant Transport221,520.00
Craftique Manufacturing Company115,080.00
Creek'S Cabinet Shop3320,980.00
Department Of The Army, Volunteer Army Ammunition Plant661,100.00
Dixie Industrial Coating, Inc.5131,064.40
Dooley Chemical Company, L.L.C.552,080.00
Dover'S Cylinder Head Service24640.00
Dpc Enterprises, L.P.221,300.00
Drum Service, Inc.229,540.00
Dynegy Liquids Marketing And Trade119,000.00
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company17784,302,231.34
East Brainerd Lumber Company, Incorporated58119,420.00
Econo Auto Painting229,320.00
Edward W. Daniel Co.11606.00
Ergon Terminaling, Inc.823136,863.00
Erlanger Medical Center66344,529.99
Eureka Foundry Company175841,253.20
Exxon Mobil Corporation440.00
Felton'S Clutch Service, Inc.1110.00
Fiberglass Fabricators, Inc.113,600.00
Foundry Pattern Service7123,760.00
Geo Specialty Chemicals, Inc.126,860.00
Hanson Aggregates Stone Man, Inc.2423,528.00
Harmco Inc.11740.00
Hayes Lemmerz International - Ohio, Inc.3925,281.00
Heatec, Inc.6618,200.00
Herb Adcox Chevrolet2611,740.00
Herman Grant Company, Inc.110.00
Highways, Inc.66187,940.00
Holston Group,Inc.7727,520.00
Horizon Milling, Llc41940,772.06
Import Auto Body (1)256,760.00
Indopco, Inc. D/B/A Alco Chemical173946,535.76
Industrial Fabricators, Inc.9916,568.00
Industrial Plating Company2240.00
Ixion Ceramics, Inc.103455,240.00
John L Armatage & Co.117,300.00
Johnny Fine & Sons Body Shop225,740.00
Johnston Pump Company22820.00
Jrb Company, Inc.234,360.00
Kelly Cadillac, Inc.221,120.00
Ken Garner Manufacturing243,160.00
Kenco Group, Inc.221,560.00
Koch Farms Llc82526,682.34
Koch Foods L.L.C.71424,240.00
Komatsu America International Company589,974.00
Kraft Foods North America, Inc. (Formerly Nabisco)61316,100.00
Landmark Community Publications Of Tennessee, Inc. D/B/A Landmark Web Printing11550.00
Lawrence-Doster Motor Co.224,060.00
Lee-Smith, Inc.227,480.00
Long Pontiac Mercedes-Benz Isu2410,100.00
Lookout Plating, Inc.1140.00
Maaco Auto Painting & Bodywork2216,480.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc9967,115.60
Marion Sand & Gravel Co.111,120.00
Mark Geiger Individually, And D/B/A - Peach Auto110.00
Mei/Aqua Treat, Inc.5184,040.00
Memorial Hospital6697,604.00
Metal Systems, Inc.61844,372.84
Metaltek International82324,498.72
Millennium Packaging Solutions L.L.C.6827,440.00
Mitchell Industrial Tire23340.00
Mueller Company1035766,820.01
Na Industries, Inc.1021131,583.60
National Posters, Inc.8864,340.00
National Posters, Inc. (Digital Division)2257,200.00
Newton Chevrolet140.00
Niagara Lasalle Corporation221,240.00
Norfolk Southern Railway Company132147,851.24
North Georgia Ready-Mix Concrete Company, Inc.1121,600.00
Nu-Foam Products, Inc.101715,642.88
Olan Mills, Inc. Amnicola Hwy Plant5625,906.00
Olan Mills, Inc. Shallowford Road Plant62759,746.34
Padgett'S Collision Center, Inc.241,400.00
Pallet Resource, Llc1124,826.00
Porter Warner Industries, Llc3617,242.80
Pq Corporation599,640.00
Prebul Jeep, Inc.257,240.00
Precision Coating, Inc.2411,446.00
Pressco, Inc.4592,400.00
Psc Metals, Inc.2310,180.00
Quinco Kitchens, Inc.82618,220.00
R. L. Stowe Mills, Inc. -- Finishing Plant78105,900.00
Reddick Auto Body231,800.00
Roadtec, Inc. (Manufacturers Road Plant)61013,955.50
Roadtec, Inc. (Riverside Drive Plant)223,410.00
Rock-Tenn Company, Mill Division, Inc.1326564,875.60
Rossville Chromatex5516,800.00
Sequatchie Concrete Service, Inc. (Cromwell Rd.)111,020.00
Sequatchie Concrete Service, Inc. (E. 39th St.)2415,440.00
Sherman & Reilly, Inc.5711,980.00
Sherman-Dixie Concrete Industries, Inc.11980.00
Signal Mountain Cement Co.19264,529,019.84
Signal Plating, Inc.815928.50
Smp Industries, Inc.110.36
Sofix Corporation91644,352.84
Sonic Automotive Of Chattanooga, L.L.C.2418,840.00
Sonoco Products Company2295,840.00
South Atlantic, Llc D/B/A South Atlantic Galvanizing44290.00
Southeastern Materials, Inc.101027,351.40
Southern Cellulose Products, Inc.910170,832.00
Southern Champion Tray, L.P. - Precision Packaging Division4414,440.00
Southern Office Systems224,180.00
Spectra, Inc.2211,098.00
Standard Coosa Industries8816,996.40
Standard Iron, Inc.1282.20
Steward, Inc.86050,470.74
Stone Container Corporation6841,862.00
Stuller Manufacturing, Inc.560.00
Synair Corporation6913,780.00
Synair Corporation Polyether Polyol Plant101446,713.80
T. Gene Edwards, Inc.229,480.00
T. J. Snow Company, Inc.223,320.00
Target Graphics, Inc.111,920.00
Tennessee Department Of Transportation55580.00
Tennessee Valley Ice Company, L.L.C.11600.00
The Boc Group, Inc.256,560.00
Tuftco Corporation51345,640.00
Turnbull Cone Baking Company126,500.00
U. S. Pipe - Valve Plant2399784,273.90
Univar Usa Inc. Chattanooga Facility481,256.00
University Of Tennessee At Chattanooga66174,960.00
Velsicol Chemical Corporation16104192,187.26
Venture Industries, Inc.6691,520.00
Village Smith, L.P.56560.00
Vincent Printing Co., Inc.812319,684.00
Vinson Village Body Shop2515,620.00
Vopak Usa, Inc.443,100.00
Vulcan Const. Materials, L.P. (1)- Asphalt78201,146.00
Vulcan Const. Materials, L.P. (1)- Concrete122,980.00
Vulcan Const. Materials, L.P. (1)- Quarry Ops1643,660.00
Vulcan Const. Materials, L.P. (4)- Concrete114,700.00
W. R. Grace & Co.95813,188.48
Wichman Monuments, Inc.11260.00
Williams Terminals Holdings, L.P.61213,972.00
Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems, Llc2376.00
Woodbridge Foam Fabricating, Inc.101212,773.40