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Polluters in Florence, South Carolina
Apac Atlantic Inc Florence Plt#4185546,630.00
Apac Carolina:#69014651.40
Apac Carolina:Plant 422 Florence6719,280.02
Crenlo Llc2830118,575.55
Dupont:Teijin Films404296,142,118.07
Evans Ready Mix249,607.80
Florence County Landfill28282,754.71
Ge Medical Sys.3315.00
Interstate Brands Corp22112169,941.73
Irix Pharmaceuticals Inc.5106,900.00
Koppers Inc Florence3843368,027.46
Maytag Florence Ops.3630.00
Mcleod Medical Center72021,976.52
Palmetto Paving:Florence285027,124.44
Roche Carolina121833,343.18
Stone Container Florence6699930,574,273.33
The Lane Construction:Plant #24181925,264.15
Vulcraft Division Of Nucor271041,201,783.40