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Polluters in Warwick, Rhode Island
A.T. Wall Co.7109,037.30
Accurate Molded Products56973.00
Advanced Chemical Co.11203,627.50
Best Cleaners Inc.111,085.60
Cardi Corporation262774,211.79
Cellini, Inc.55247.00
Courtesy Cleaners,Inc.118,142.00
D'Ambra Construction253547,393.29
Droitcour Co.682,922.00
Elmwood Cleansers Inc.11135.70
Five Star Cleaners113,799.60
Geib Refining510554.02
H.T. Woods, Inc.11122,074.00
Hoxsie Cleaners114,559.50
International Machine & Tool Corporation510308.30
Interplex Metals, R.I. Corporation66258.00
Jay Packaging Group111215,202.60
Kearflex Engineering225,080.00
Kenney Manufacturing Co.71917,915.00
Kent County Memorial Hospital71989,640.04
Leviton Mfg. Co. Inc.664.01
Millwork One8815,123.00
Natco Products Corporation (L)55884.00
National Velour Corporation510912.00
Pease & Curren, Inc.6123,658.00
Pentair Electronic Packaging Co.564,187.00
Perkinelmer Inc.55826.00
Precision Etchings And Findings Inc.11106.00
Press Express111,357.00
R.B.C. Industries, Inc.101099.00
Ri Airport Corp5106,590.00
Security Cleansers, Inc.5618,066.50
United Printing, Inc.101124,141.00
Vishay Electro-Films, Inc.5112,326.00
Warwick Cleaners111,628.40
Waste Management Of Ri554,743.00
Wolverine Tube, Inc5153,063.00