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Polluters in Providence, Rhode Island
95 Hathaway Center55388.00
A & F Plating Company55574.60
Abc Realty5144,379.20
Aetna Manufacturing2252.00
Antonelli Plating Co.555,618.70
Armbrust International8197,991.00
Armory Revival Co.5535,572.00
Atamian Manufacturing Corp.5531.60
Aurafin-Oroamerica Llc56117.00
Austin Hard Chrome & Plating, Inc.226.04
Beaucraft, Inc.793,883.00
Bernard Cleaners111,357.00
Brown University3257643,648.29
Butler Hospital5531,032.00
C & J Mfg.10122,561.00
C J Fox Company243019,969.43
Cannon And Brown/Surface Coating Div.661,663.00
Capitol Center Generating551,598.00
Cathedral Art Metal Co., Inc.142615,599.32
Celebrity Cleansers111,357.00
Central/Classical Heating Plant5516,553.60
Citizens Trust Company551,948.20
Clayton Company5101,418.70
Contract Specialities66321.00
Coto Corporation687,886.00
D.S Cleaning Inc.111,085.60
Danecraft, Inc.66762.40
Diocese Of Providence5912,920.20
Drew Easton Co., Inc.2271.40
Du Pro Lux11678.50
Dunkin Donuts Center Providence552,513.80
E.E. Weller Co./ Mcs Finishing56938.70
Eagle Laundry & Cleansers112,985.40
Eagle Plating Co.,Inc.5529.40
Eagle Tool Inc.55759.00
Eastern Butcher Block Corp.9930,490.00
Eastern Color And Chemical Co.9109,064.00
Electrolizing, Inc.8144,024.56
Eli Metal Products224,012.00
Emblem & Badge, Inc.13194,863.00
Encore Group Rawcliffe Div.111.00
Excell Mfg.67317.00
Exsil, Inc.346,397.80
Ferguson Perforating & Wire Co. Inc.511495.00
Finest Cleanens Llc11610.60
Flair Industries, Inc.8912,094.00
Fleet Bank5553,463.90
Ga-Rel Mfg. Co., Inc.68118.10
Hamilton Tool, Inc.4499.00
Herff Jones Inc.14214,808.30
Hudson Services Inc.113,799.60
Hudson Terminal Corp.81833,089.15
Ideal Plating And Polishing Inc.568,951.10
International Chromium Plating882,237.02
International Etching Inc.78835.00
International Insignia Corp.714873.00
Ira Green111324,695.50
Johnson & Wales University51918,328.00
Josef Creations Inc.78665.00
Karoway Polishing, Inc.221,920.00
Klitzner Industries, Inc.564,715.60
Lasalle Academy592,711.90
Licht Properties5515,560.30
Lutone Plating Co.552,084.00
M.H. Stallman55510.00
Mahr Federal Inc.112410,374.00
Mainelli Tool And Die22866.00
Mars 2000224.00
Metallurgical Solutions, Inc.55131.00
Microfin Corp.102111,394.28
Mills Coffee Company55173.20
Miriam Hospital1023147,879.00
Modern Industries Inc.121310,513.00
Monarch Metal Finishing Co., Inc.111221,748.00
Moody Machine Products562,259.00
Motiva Providence Terminal61219,265.00
Mutual Metals, Inc.59110.20
Narragansett Bay Commission Fields Point1834365,868.06
Narragansett Improvement Co.2229120,460.54
National Plating Llc11125,779.00
Nu-Lustre Corporation55935.00
Park Lane Associates, Inc.59529.00
Patton-Macguyer Inc.55139.00
Pilgrim Screw Corporation59879.00
Promet Marine Services Corp., Inc.332,723.00
Providence Chain Co.671,356.00
Providence College Office Of Envir. Health/Safety515126,739.00
Providence Electroplating Works, Inc.44156.00
Providence Housing Auth. (Chad Brown)5594.10
Providence Housing Auth. (Dexter Manor I)4430.10
Providence Housing Auth. (Dominica Manor)4420.50
Providence Housing Auth. (Hartford Park)55137.10
Providence Housing Auth. (Manton Height)5537,245.60
Providence Journal71518,857.00
Providence Journal (Fountain Street)5115,878.00
Providence Water Supply555,988.00
Quality Cleaners Inc.111,357.00
Quality Spraying Technologies11167,767.00
Quality Stampings, Inc.11132.00
Qwest Communications Inc55121.00
R I Heat Treating Company792,041.00
R.E. Sturdy Co.15174,005.00
R.I. School Of Design1022136,162.00
Rainbow Cleansers11678.50
Refining One Inc.6122,094.50
Regal Plating Co. Inc.559,671.00
Rex Realty59829.00
Rhode Island Convention Center5103,394.00
Ribco Mfg. Inc. (Providence)141613,662.00
Roger Williams Hospital & Medical Center723119,914.20
Salvadore Tool & Findings Inc.7132,145.00
Sardelli International510278.20
Scott'S Plating55570.00
Specialty Cleansing Co.113,528.20
Spectrum Coatings Laboratories, Inc.11121,213.00
Spencer Plating Co.892,005.50
Sprague Energy Corp.91312,552.81
St. Joseph Hospital/Providence Unit51570,588.00
Sterling Cleansers11407.10
Superior Finishing661,048.00
Technodic, Inc.551,196.40
Tel Realty557,005.70
Teppco Providence Terminal4831,053.00
Tercat Tool & Die Co.55613.00
The Encore Group34924.00
Turks Head55171.60
U.S. Postal Service / Mail Facility591,947.00
U.S. Postal Service/Vehicle Maintenance12186,722.00
Union Industries, Inc.61212,475.00
Univar Usa Inc. Providence Branch231,133.00
Usge N New England Inc. Manchester Street Station20602,627,120.24
Usgen New England Inc1515871,168.20
Veterans Adm. Medical Center92825,197.60
Victory Finishing Technologies, Inc.91089,091.00
Walco Electric Co.9114,581.70
Welcon/ Accorde Medical Products11700.00