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Polluters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Aafco Inc.594,666.00
Accent Plating Co. Inc.332.80
American Insulated Wire Corp.- Darlington223680,933.22
C.H.N. Anodizing55391.00
Central Soya Company671,905.50
Conrad-Jarvis Corp.687,440.00
Cooley Inc.3655,826.00
Darlene Jewelry Mfg.796,092.00
Denison Pharmaceuticals Inc.891,138.10
Diamond Cleaners111,899.80
Ecological Fibers Inc.5106,975.00
Excellent Coffee Company, Inc510467.50
Four Dee Realty51043,010.50
Fuller Findings59845.40
Glencairn Mfg. Co6822,447.00
Hasbro, Inc. (Newport Ave. Pawt)121313,378.00
Honeywell Sensing & Control6842,448.00
Hord Crystal Corporation55272.50
Innovative Coating Technologies, Inc.67484.00
International Accessories677,531.60
International Display Corp.11773.00
International Packaging Corp.6723,025.00
Key Container Corp.51520,318.30
Levin Plating Co.798,681.00
Masbro Polishing Company225,452.00
Mel-Co-Ed Inc.676,841.00
Memorial Hospital Of Rhode Island622112,760.60
Mr Usa 1 Hour Cleaning1110,177.50
Neptco Inc.7919,604.00
New England Paper Tube101113,280.00
North East Knitting554,370.10
Nulco Mfg. Co.6128,709.00
Paramount Cards, Inc.5119,848.00
Pawtucket Power Associates183856,371.03
Providence Braid Company6717,499.00
Providence Metallizing Co. Inc.6916,153.01
Providence Metallizing Co., Inc.1833116,244.10
R.I. Textile Co.7970,638.00
Ridco Casting Co.554,206.00
Slater Dye Works & Slater Screen Print819181,790.00
Southeast Container Corp.78747.00
Teknor Apex Co.5163,146.80
Teknor Apex Co.33746.00
Truex Inc.569,165.00
Union Wadding Co.6787,177.00
Van & Company, Inc.111222,731.00
Vitrus, A Division Of Energy Inc.72422,840.60
Woodlawn Laundry & Cleansers Inc.111,044.80