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Polluters in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Aaon Inc.125,661.00
Acme Brick Co1828662,461.04
Advance Composites Grp Inc1427,280.00
Aircraft Cylinders Of America Inc.111.00
American Airlines Inc1645549,066.00
Anchor Paint Mfg. Co. Inc.61022,636.00
Auto Crane Co.12500.00
Barlow Operators Of Tulsa Llc34891,557,669.17
Bizjet Intl92822,420.00
Boeing Co The135048,574.00
Bs&B Safety Sys. L.L.C.2220.00
Builders Steel Co. Inc.115.00
Chromium Plating Co.3513,421.38
Commercial Resins33101.00
Crane Carrier Co.2313,513.00
Crosby Group Mckissick Plant4617,593.10
Davis-Frost Inc.121,627.00
Empire Castings Inc.1121.00
Energy Exchanger Co.11611.00
Fiber Pad Inc.115,699.00
Frontier Plastic Fabricators122,488.00
Graphic Electronics1260.00
H & L Tooth Co.33179.00
Halcyon Marble Designs Inc6616,384.00
Honeywell Inc71410,240.00
Ic Of Oklahoma L.L.C.3320,005.00
Ic Of Oklahoma Llc115645,384.00
John Zink Co. L.L.C.33750.00
Lafarge Bdlg Materials139110,635,952.00
Limco Airepair Inc.3322,840.00
Lmi Finishing Inc.2414,526.00
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc9243300,920.00
Mesa Prods. Inc.115.10
Nmp Corp.22500.00
Nordam Group Inc143034,502.00
Nordam Group Inc9226,078.00
Nordam Group Inc127733,196.00
Nordam Repair Div.117,038.00
Nordam Transparency Div.-Casting Div.11520.00
Norris Sucker Rods115.00
North American Galvanizing Co. Plant 11110.00
North American Galvanizing Co. Plant 21110.00
Ondeo Nalco Energy Services L.P.36665.40
Ozark Fluorine Specialties Inc. A Delaware Corp.12477.00
Penloyd Llc1215127,480.00
Public Svc Co Of Ok7348,459,140.00
Public Svc Co Of Ok6181,160,540.00
Quality Plating Of Tulsa Inc10117,906.00
Quarry Sanitary Landfill28284,741.75
Riverside 41829,103,891.50
Shaw Word Inds. Fabricators3370.00
Sinclair Oil Corp2687614,479,594.22
Southwest United Ind124722,616.00
Sulzer Chemtech4484.00
Sunoco Inc187038,815,610.00
Terex Corp. Unit Rig Div.11300.00
Trigen Tulsa Energy Corp998558,648.00
Trinity Inds. Inc. Plant 2711250.00
Tucker Techs. Inc.112.25
Universal Compression Inc.11250.00
Visteon Tulsa Field Plt9536,179,178.00
Waste Mgmt Of Ok162596,060.00
Yuba Heat Transfer33181.00