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Polluters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Ach Food Cos. Inc. Oklahoma City1120,600.00
Acme Brick Co835489,700.00
Athenian Marble Corp.128,959.00
Bachman Services Inc.7124,500.00
Big D Inds. Inc.11462.00
Bridgestone/Firestone Na Tire Llc27101398,353.54
Capitol Steel & Iron Co.2296.70
Ceco Door Prods.1116,192.00
Celestica Corp.117.00
Chemcentral/Oklahoma City484,655.00
Cmi Terex Corp1323511,894.39
Cone Solvents Inc.7142,875.00
Crown Paint Co.363,700.00
Dci Inds. Inc.11271.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp4461,810,560.00
Duke Energy Field Svc Lp430604,876.00
Earthgrains Baking Co Inc1067269,050.00
General Motors Corp Cpc Group18571,702,454.00
Georgia Gulf Chemicals & Vinyls L.L.C.233,400.00
Gulfstream Aerospace Technologies125513,422.42
H-I-S Paint Mfg. Co.12500.00
Justin Industries1515534,164.98
Magellan Pipeline Co Llc959218,382.00
Mcclains Of Ok81455,648.00
Ok Aaa Pallet Co Inc222,362.00
Oklahoma Arcadian Utilities Llc55173,700.00
Oklahoma City Ldfl Llc111187,264.00
Powersmith Cogeneration Project Lp6171,068,068.00
Producers Coop Oil Mill654589,406.00
Producers Cooperative Oil Mill12196,714.00
Quebecor World823119,558.00
Rexam Beverage Can Co925152,253.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (612401)125.00
Southeast Landfill / All American282829,388.26
Southwest Wood Processing Inc112168,912.00
Thrall Trinity Freight Car Inc5714,646.00
Trigen Ok District Energy Corp741157,376.00
Trinity Inds. Inc.36692.14
Unit Parts Co.110.03
Univar Usa7141,587.00
W&W Steel Co91291,668.00
Waste Connections Inc3436221,185.60
Waste Mgmt Of Ok3340133,195.68