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Polluters in Toledo, Ohio
Abtco A Louisiana Pacific Corp69287,683.00
Bp Prods. N.A. Inc. - Toledo Terminal5101,194.00
Btlsr Toledo Inc.1244,807.80
Canberra Corp.121,850.00
City Of Toledo, Division Of Water Reclamation311521,543,418.93
Crown Cork & Seal Co. (Usa) Inc.6722,300.00
Daimlerchrysler Corp4910731,412,704.65
Daimlerchrysler Corp463061,094,889.14
Dolphin Co.121,500.00
Du Pont Toledo Plant6124,995.00
Dynea Usa Inc.366,049.00
Faurecia Exhaust Sys. Inc. Technical Center336,257.00
Fresh Prods. Inc.121,422.00
Gm Powertrain Toledo Transmission3528.60
Ha Intl. L.L.C.12333.00
Hale Chrome Service Inc.115.00
Hoffman Road Sanitary Landfill282833,928.65
Libbey Glass Inc.412051,335,493.95
Medical College Of Ohio At Toledo74355704,150.20
New Mather Metals Inc.1166.00
Perstorp Polyols Inc.3511,600.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (419001)114.00
Sem-Com Co. Inc.1210.00
Sunoco Toledo Terminal8168,360.45
Supreme Bumpers Inc.3614.00
Textileather Corp.48483,720.00