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Polluters in Lima, Ohio
Akzo Nobel Functional Chemicals L.L.C.487,883.00
American Trim Superior Metal Prods. Div.115.00
Bp Chemicals, Inc.3522911,074,345.98
Dana Spicer Driveshaft Mfg. Inc.1211,050.00
Equilon Lima South Terminal5106,226.00
Ford Motor Co.-Lima45254864,553.06
Maraton Oil Co. Lima Oh Terminal487,383.00
Metokote Corp. Plant 25128,102.00
Nickles Bakery Of Ohio Inc.14254,600.00
Pcs Nitrogen Of Ohio L.P.692,574,300.00
Premcor Refining Group3528814,398,768.48
Premcor Refining Inc. Lima Refy.91496,321.00
Superior Forge & Steel Corp.246.35
Trinity Inds. Inc.44506.42
U.S. Army Lima Army Tank Plant119,781.00
Whemco Ohio Fndy. Div. Inc.334,299.00