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Polluters in Dayton, Ohio
$1.99 Cleaners11540.00
Ae Staley Mfg Co.622134,660.00
Albemarle Corp. Dayton22255.00
Alpine Products Mfg Co. Inc.2220,800.00
Ardmore Cleaners111,600.00
Asc Exterior Technology, Inc.190.00
B-N Plating2216,800.00
Behr Dayton Thermal Prods.3524,088.52
Bp Dayton Terminal6111,682.00
Burge'S Cleaners11540.00
Capitol Dry Cleaners 184111,780.00
Cargill Incorporated451923,222,756.96
Chemineer Inc.22116.00
Clean Scene, The112,220.00
Crown Cork & Seal Company, Inc. - Dayton14173,880.00
Darlene'S Cleaners111,300.00
Dayton Alloy Wheel2360.00
Dayton Bag & Burlap111,319.00
Dayton-Phoenix Group Inc.1211,250.00
Delphi Chassis Systems, Home Avenue113078,557.50
Delphi Chassis Systems, Needmore Road511102,960.00
Delphi Chassis Systems, Wisconsin Blvd61735,920.00
Dp&L Monument Substation55580.00
Dp&L Tait Generating Station535132,960.00
Du Pont Electronic Polymers351,648.00
Eftec N.A. L.L.C124.00
Elano Corp.24163.00
Elano Corp.24111.00
Flowserve Corp. Dayton Ops.36575.00
General Motors Corporation - Moraine Assembly16401,652,479.04
Harris Thomas Inds. Inc.11250.00
Hohman Plating & Mfg. Inc.33401.00
Lord Corp. Mechanical Prods. Div.11845.00
Miami Valley Hospital5546,540.00
Pantorium Cleaners119,000.00
Perfect Cleaners11720.00
Perfect Cleaners111,060.00
Perma-Fix Of Dayton, Inc.72138,240.00
Phillips Dry Cleaners111,880.00
Projects Unlimited Inc.111.34
Select Inds. Corp. Plants 1 & 22223.30
Staco Energy Products, Inc.113,000.00
Stony Hollow Recycling And Disposal Facility67381,460.00
Sunoco Partners M&T - Dayton Terminal102840,066.16
Techmetals Inc.12720.00
Teknol Inc. Rubber Seal Prods. Div.223,457.00
Wall Colmonoy2220,000.00
Winston Heat Treating Inc.229,750.00
Wolslagel Cleaners115,340.00
Yoder Die Casting Inc.1223.10
Zimmerle Cleaners112,000.00