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Polluters in Columbus, Ohio
Allied Mineral Prods. Inc.12255.00
Ametek Solidstate Controls Inc.110.24
Anheuser-Busch Columbus Brewery483861,101,371.82
Ashland Specialty Chemical Co.2469.00
Ball Metal Food Container Corp.1261,000.00
Barnebey Sutcliffe Corp.11928.00
Bp Columbus Terminal6111,876.00
Buckeye Steel Castings Co.81110,372.00
Capital Resin Corp.487,349.00
Clark Grave Vault/ Ctl Steel1113.00
Conagra Grain Processing1210.00
Core Molding Techs. Inc.1227,325.75
Crane Performance Siding L.L.C. North331,036.00
Crane Performance Siding L.L.C. South35387.00
Crane Plastics L.P - Fairwood Avenue1221.00
Delphi Interior & Lighting Systems, Columbus Opera67206667,400.15
Franklin Intl.61235,142.00
Funk Finecast Inc.22112.00
Georgia-Pacific Resins Inc.469,835.00
Gfs Chemicals Inc.243,028.00
Heritage Marble Of Ohio Inc.1112,000.00
Isg Columbus Coatings1210.00
Isp Chemicals Inc.6126,939.00
Jackson Pike Wastewater Treatment Plant65170933,998.17
Liebert Corp.11250.00
Lucent Techs.122.00
Marathon Oil Co. Columbus Oh Terminal(E&W)485,128.00
Metal Container Corporation41611,010,348.85
Mettler-Toledo Inc.2422,991.00
National Electric Coil Inc.12500.00
Oasis Corp.3311,344.00
Onyx Special Services Inc.111.30
Plaskolite Inc.2417,610.00
Plating Tech. Inc. Columbus Plant2234,025.00
Shelly Materials, Inc.1938571,802.99
Sherwin-Williams Co.9179,828.00
Sunoco Columbus Terminal7131,692.37
Tarrier Steel Co. Inc.2246.77
Techneglas, Inc.8101,973,817.99
The Ohio State University46322929,292.46
Tomasco Mulciber Inc.3661.11
V&S Columbus Galvanizing L.L.C.1143.00
Vertis Inc.2410,799.00
Yenkin-Majestic Paint Corp.71216,375.90