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Polluters in Cleveland, Ohio
A-Brite Plating Co.115.00
Accurate Plating Company1123.43
Ak-Isg Steel Coating Co.110.02
Alcon Inds. Inc.22500.00
American Brass Manufacturing Company660.38
American Bronze Corp.1262.00
American Tank & Fabricating Co.3414.00
Art Galvanizing Works Inc.118.00
Ashland Specialty Chemical Co.7133,576.00
Atlas Plating Inc.115.00
Auto-Tap Inc.12133,005.00
Basic Aluminum Castings Co.110.00
Bf Goodrich Landing Gear Division - Plating Operations3313,354.25
Bp Cleveland Terminal6111,652.00
Buschman Corporation110.09
Center Terminal Company - Cleveland (Formerly Fleet Supplies, Incorporated)136788.76
Center Terminal Company -- Cleveland South (Formerly Fleet Supplies Terminal - S1670.71
Charter Steel -- Cleveland -- Tow Division (Formerly American Steel And Wire Cor360.96
Chemical Solvents - Jennings Facility7132,390.00
Chemical Solvents Inc. Denison Facility11204,297.00
Chrome Industries Company130.47
Chromium Corp.1210.00
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co., Lake Shore Pl751349,364,161.48
Cleveland Laminating Corp.1138,533.00
Cleveland Manufacturing Division119,544.50
Cleveland Public Power - Collinwood Substation6622.92
Cleveland Public Power - Service Center61259.95
Cleveland Range L.L.C.2210.00
Clorox Prods. Mfg. Co.112.00
Collar-N-Cuff, Dba Northern Ohio Cleaners11378.00
Cooper-Standard Automotive111.00
Day-Glo Color Corp.3340,900.00
Diamond Hard Chrome, Incorporated1719.40
Dominion Cleveland Thermal Inc501892,910,654.59
Dorn Color Inc.2416,800.00
Durable Plating Company110.13
East Ohio Gas Company - # 2 Works Station16963,065.56
Empigard Metal Finishing Inc.122.00
Euclid Chemical Co.362,276.00
Ferro Corp. Polymer Additives Div.126.00
Ferro Corporation - Cleveland Frit Plant1052446,613.24
Flow Polymers Inc.11742.00
Forestek Plating & Manufacturing Company120.17
Foseco Metallurgical Inc.33369.00
Garland Co. Inc.12138.86
Garland Floor Co.12500.00
Ge Euclid Lamp Plant1250.00
Ge Tungsten Prods. Plant2433,140.00
Gebauer Co.111,648.00
General Electric Consumer Prods. Lighting3627,495.00
General Environmental Management L.L.C.23194.00
Go/Dan Inds.1116.00
Greenfield Crematory (Foresight Family Service)11112.10
Gsx Chemical Services161620,354.72
Hi Tech Metal, Incorporated Bmt5516,855.10
Hi Tecmetal, Incorporated3312,754.00
Horsburgh & Scott Co.2210.00
Hydraulic Press Brick6141,981,999.98
Isg Cleveland Inc.5250648,474,126.58
Isg Warren Inc.542341,697,818.84
Keco Plating Company22328.02
Kirkwood Inds. Inc.221,139.00
L. Gray Barrel & Drum Company18322.59
Linderme Tube Company (The)1168,600.00
Manufacturers Plating Company, Incorporated3412,210.00
Marine Mechanical Corp.115.00
Master Chrome Service152.02
Mel'S Cleaners11907.20
Meyer Products114,692.00
Nasa John H. Glenn Research Center At Lewis Field167934.18
Nettleton Steel Treating Company3312,754.00
North Coast Container512348,659.01
Npa Automotive Finishes & Films361,281.00
Oatey Co.2317,002.90
Pechiney Plastic Packaging Ppco2413,934.00
Ppg Industries, Incorporated2533162,846.46
Prince Platers, Incorporated (Plastic Platers, Incorporated -- Plant #2; Pp Acqu121.01
Prince Plating Inc.225.50
Quality Plating Company, Incorporated1195.20
Redmond Waltz Electric Company113.15
Remelt Services Inc.110.03
Republic Metals11300.00
Rossborough Supply Src Div.115.00
Saes Getters Usa Inc.123,917.00
Sales Promotion Printing Incorporated330.23
Samuel Steel Pickling Co. Cleveland Plant1120.00
Satellite Cleaners111,096.20
Sifco Forge Group, Incorporated51395.56
Smith Bros Cleaners114,498.20
South Shore Finishers, Incorporated120.16
Stanley Assembly Techs.111.00
Sunoco - Cleveland Terminal8163,617.10
Sunshine Cleaners, Incorporated11876.96
T & B Foundry Company11100.00
Techmetal, Incorporated; Modern Steel Treating461.61
The Medical Center Company672445,012,995.36
Tomaric Cleaners11415.80
Top Cleaners11907.20
Tremco Inc. Mameco Div.485,638.43
Trw Inc. Valve Div.36765.00
Unviversal Oil, Incorporated111.00
Victory White Metal Co.231,050.00
Von Roll Isola Usa Inc. Midwest Mica Div.3623,180.00
Wabash Alloys, Llc212161,070.24
Walker Heat Treating1123,000.00
Whitmore Mfg. Co.231,250.00
Wyman-Gordon Forgings (Cleveland) Inc.33501.00