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Polluters in Canton, Ohio
Bp Canton Terminal6111,127.00
Canton Drop Forge36265.00
East Ohio Gas - Robinson Station1690663,424.85
Edward C. Levy Co. Inc.221,000.00
Envirite Of Ohio Inc.47541.20
Harsco Co. Heckett Multiserv Plant 2245380.00
Hendrickson Intl. Trailer Suspension Sys.112.00
Ironrock Capital, Inc.36189569,009.13
Kephaco Corp. (Dba American Marble Inds.)124,813.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc, Canton Refinery574363,954,866.73
Midwest Tank Services Inc.1118,415.00
Olymco Inc.222.00
Republic Engineered Products Llc441455,054,323.80
Republic Storage Systems Company, Inc46248510,064.30
Statewide Landfill28289,233.43
Sugardale Foods Inc.1111,894.00
Superior Dairy116,200.00
The Timken Company - Bearing Plants746991,778,270.62
The Timken Company - Steel Plants43132611,962,054.23
Timken Co. Gambrinus Bearing Plant3313.00
Timken Co. Gambrinus Roller Plant336.00
Timken Co. Harrison Steel Plant443,936.00
United Foundries Co.24755.00