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Polluters in Reno, Nevada
Airport Authority Of Washoe County1130,980.00
Atlantic Richfield Company510239.35
Atlantis Hotel & Casino3346,000.00
Data-Forms, Inc.1127,180.00
Du Pont Reno Western Distribution Center121.10
Eaglepicher Filtration & Minerals Inc6196.89
Eaglepicher Filtration & Minerals Inc110.00
Eaglepicher Filtration & Minerals Inc676288,178.39
Eaglepicher Filtration & Minerals Inc110.00
Eopt Power Group Nevada Inc110.00
Estate Of Robert E Cowan220.00
Geo Nevada Inc110.00
Glamis Daisy Mining Co6132,941.80
Golden Phoenix Minerals Inc3170.00
International Game Technology1141,760.00
Martin Iron Works1120,620.00
Metallic Ventures Inc5200.00
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co.45568,660.00
Refuse Inc6216,704.16
Reno Gazette Journal2241,440.00
Reno Sparks Ready Mix Inc14279.93
Reno Sparks Ready Mix Inc2181,011.25
Sierra Pacific Power Company82510,467.35
Sierra Pacific Power Company8215,176,362.38
Sierra Pacific Power Company8317,599.76
Sierra Pacific Power Company72431,680,554.23
Sierra Pacific Power Company8186,685.76
Steamboat Development Corp.1198,980.00
Sun Chemical Gpi352,621.00
Thermal Remediation Solutions Llc5734,020.33
Tyco Valves & Controls L.P. Reno22109.00
U.S. Energy Geothermal, Llc1121,340.00
Western States Minerals Corporation61316.71