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Polluters in Las Vegas, Nevada
American Cement And Aggregate65937,542.62
Bpb Gypsum Blue Diamond558462,240.00
Chemical Lime Company8704,343,609.80
Coyote Valley Llc2106,298.28
Kalco Lighting L.L.C.229,000.00
Kinder Morgan Calnev Pipe Line559179,387.72
Koch Performance Asphalt Co. Las Vegas Nv110.10
Las Vegas Paving Corporation49819,635.92
Nevada Cogeneration Associates #2629396,580.00
Nevada Power Clark Station371253,051,055.20
Nevada Power Sunrise Station37401,745,784.73
Nevada Ready Mix116.10
Nevada Ready Mix116.20
Pabco Building Products52071,347,380.00
Paiute Pipeline Company110.00
Paiute Pipeline Company110.00
Republic Dumpco5119463,130.90
Service Rock Prods. Inc. Las Vegas122.40
Southern Nevada Paving Charleston240.51
Sunrise Mountain Sanitary Landfill282886,645.97
U.S. Air Force Nellis Afb Nevada Test & Training Range221,206.50
Us Department Of Energy63340.29
Us Department Of Energy510941,352.29
Western Elite Inc4628,835.31