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Polluters in Trenton, New Jersey
American Standard, Inc.717105,780.00
Capital Health System @ Mercer3272,780.00
Capital Health Systems At Fuld Campus13223,421.34
Congoleum Corp. Plant 2115.00
Congoleum Corporation78121,420.00
Demag Delaval Turbomachinery, Inc.3215,640.00
Eastern Wire & Cable115.00
Kayline Processing, Inc.51350,860.00
Njdot Trenton Headquarters Complex33815,980.00
St. Francis Medical Center3309,100.00
Switlik Parachute Co. Inc.334,520.00
Switlik Parachute Co. Inc.394,940.00
The Times Of Trenton372,600.00
The Trane Company77934,200.00
Trenton Psychiatric Hospital734192,060.00
Trenton Terminal81348,858.04
Trigen Trenton Energy Co.8581,785,140.00