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Polluters in Newark, New Jersey
Adco Chemical Co.105816,608.00
Alliance Chemical Inc.122,621.00
Amerada Hess Corp-Newark122013,264.15
American Ref-Fuel Company Of Essex County361952,213,085.48
Benjamin Moore & Co., Inc.86032,085.00
Bp Exploration & Oil Inc133616,730.00
Calpine Newark Llc944240,092.00
Cardolite Corp.369,000.00
Cbi Dispersions Inc6133,830.00
Chem-Fleur / Firmenich Inc.123,748.00
Chemical Compounds Inc.231,660.00
Continental Airlines, Inc.713173,620.00
Crompton & Knowles Colors Inc.34113.00
Cwc Ind. Inc.91510,270.00
Deleet Merchandizing232,228.00
Elan Chemical Co.77922,779.00
Equistar Chemicals L.P.74729,231.00
Essex Generating Station71831,608,360.00
Fairmount Chemical331,802.00
Fancyheat Corp.121,352.00
G.J. Chemical Co. Inc.12655.00
General Chemical Corporation71133,804,860.00
Getty Terminals Corp132815,163.20
Globe Metal Finishing Inc220.08
Handy Store Fixtures Inc.3134,340.00
Industrial Hard Chromium Co.1411.89
Ivy Hill Park Apartments770138,760.00
Kearny Steel Container Corp.7851,950.95
Motiva Enterprises Llc - Newark Terminal1121116,885.00
New Jersey Galvanizing & Tinning Works1213.00
Newark Bay Cogeneration Partnership, L.P.749244,320.00
Newark Boxboard Company72762,580.00
Newark Industrial Spraying41417,518.00
Newark International Airport1324,480.00
Newark International Airport714439,340.00
Newerk Beth Israel Medical Center78437,880.00
Omg Fidelity Inc1128.00
Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners7162206,180.00
Penick Corp93644,336.00
Polarome Mfg Co Inc41410,650.00
Reichhold Inc.1213473,950.00
Saint Michael'S Medical Center32619,000.00
Seton Company1016890,736.00
Sherwin-Williams Co. Newark2326.00
Steel Craft Fluorescent Company31421,240.00
Stratus Petroleum Corp42153,980.00
Sun Chemical Corporation - Pigments Division7101132,480.00
Sunoco Partners M&T L.P - Newark Terminal11858,340.00
Tenax Finishing Prods. Co.481,606.00
Troy Chemical Inc117635,244.40
University Of Medicine & Dentistry Of Nj7270387,300.00
Was Terminals Corporation93122,349.94