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Polluters in Elizabeth, New Jersey
Advance Foils, Inc.3194,860.00
Allied Aviation Service Co. Of New Jersey Inc.7142,585.00
Archer Daniels Midland Co., Bayway Plant Wharf.44120.78
Continental Airlines Inc10108,617.58
County Of Union77825,780.00
Duro Bag Manufacturing3122,220.00
Inter City Tire394,100.00
Interbake Foods, Inc.7191133,340.00
Joint Meeting Of Essex And Union Counties7138732,720.00
Nyp Corp.1217,615.00
Ogden Aviation Servic Of Nj782,768.00
Purepac Pharmaceutical Company53422,280.00
Trinitas Hospital Jersey Street3127,540.00
Trinitas New Point Campus3157,240.00
Trinitas Williamson Street54524,200.00