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Polluters in Omaha, Nebraska
Adm / Farmland Grain3396,983.00
Airlite Plastics88149,320.00
Alegent Health Bergan Mercy Medical Center8832,600.00
Alegent Immanuel Medical Center8827,820.00
American Asphalt1212305,711.00
American Laboratories Inc.99223,568.00
American Laboratories Inc.99577,427.00
Arps Northwest Concrete Co1111,100.00
Avaya Inc.2525232,298.00
Baltzell Agri Prods.22255.00
Bemis Co. Inc.101077,162.00
Chief Transportation Products, Inc.111118,106.00
Claas Omaha Llc15212,756.20
Composite Structures2261,563.00
Conagra (North)88199,260.00
Conagra (South)88247,760.00
Crown Cork & Seal Company (Usa), Inc.8859,270.00
Darling International Inc.88121,840.00
Darling International Inc.885,420.00
Douglas County Health Center8812,900.00
Douglas County Landfill202324,463.13
Drake-Williams Steel141434,158.20
Energy Systems - Creighton883,720.00
Energy Systems Company88297,540.00
Eppley Airfield8837,180.00
Epsen Hillmer Graphics Company7742,768.00
Fitzgerald Railcar Service Of Omaha9916,997.00
Flinn Paving101038,074.00
Forbo Adhesives L.L.C.12500.00
Forest Lawn Memorial Park1224800.00
Industrial Heat Cleaning Llc55500.00
John Roth & Son, Inc.8844,880.00
Kellogg Usa, Inc.88645,020.00
Koch Materials Company8815,180.00
Lafarge North America2213,760.00
Lbt, Inc.151520,279.00
Lozier Corporation North Plant1515162,950.00
Lozier Corporation West Plant3341,120.00
Magellan Pipeline Company Llc1417259,235.94
Malnove Incorporated1010346,524.00
Methodist Hospital8826,360.00
Missouri River Wastewater Plant1717883,913.00
Modern Equipment Company7779,670.00
Mud - Pershing Drive Water Plant8870,880.00
Mud Fort Street Plant44820.00
Mud Operating & Construction Center33300.00
Mutual Of Omaha8827,940.00
Nashua Corporation7723,080.00
Nebraska Beef Ltd.1120,009.00
Nebraska Humane Society11226,960.00
New World Pasta Company9929,060.00
Nox-Crete Mfg. Inc.12255.00
Omaha Public Power District - Jones Street Power Station8821,320.00
Omaha Public Power District - North Omaha Power Station9233575,190,405.30
Omaha Steel Castings Company1213161,838.00
Omni Engineering Inc62057,666.50
Omni Engineering, Inc.141479,048.00
Ops - Teachers Administration Center771,080.00
Paxton-Mitchell Company1616234,736.00
Phillips Manufacturing Co.1111315,684.00
Phillips Mfg. Co.1233,660.00
Pinnacle Foods Corp.128,610.00
Pinnacle Foods Corporation - Plant 1887,040.00
Plastilite Corporation88103,740.00
Qwest Communications - Main Building8810,400.00
Qwest Communications Corp55120.00
Ready Mix7715,080.00
Ready Mix7724,740.00
Ready Mix7721,940.00
Ready Mix4419,540.00
Richard Young Center8811,320.00
Roman Marble Prods. Inc.113,281.00
Shared Services Systems887,060.00
Silverstone, Inc.10101,633.00
Swift Beef9948,580.00
Tiger Door, Inc.121213,351.00
Twin City Concrete Products - Omaha5526,320.00
Tyson Foods Inc.1115,000.00
University Of Nebraska At Omaha8828,960.00
University Of Nebraska Medical Center88108,960.00
Va Medical Center8825,360.00
Westroads Shopping Center88493,480.00
Westway Feed Prods.111,939.00
Weyerhaeuser Company131355,154.00
Williams Pipe Line Company, Llc - Omaha Terminal99144,420.00