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Polluters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Adams Mulford, Inc.83826,902.10
Americraft Carton, Inc.151963,344.10
Archie Elledge Wwtp1311885,784.33
Chemcraft International111411,600.91
Corn Prods. Winston Salem Plant3362,189.51
Corrflex Display Amd Packaging111314,378.58
Douglas Battery Mfg. Co.241,026.00
Hanes Dye And Finishing Co.274081,241,812.02
Microfibres, Inc.12721,135,504.35
North Carolina Baptist Hospitals, Inc.297284,909.82
Powerlab, Inc.644957.84
R. J. R. Packaging - Plant 200991,469,060.00
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company373693,238,065.25
Rexam Beverage Can Company112021,078,670.80
Rj Reynolds Tobacco Company2268177,191.98
Rjr Packaging - Plant 200981238,633.42
Royster-Clark Inc.111.00
Sara Lee Underwear16153374,820.02
Southern Tool Mfg. Co. Inc.1137.00
Stratford Metal Finishing334.53
Sun Chemical Gpi12754.00
Taylor Brothers, Division Of Conwood Company, L.P.114233,180.14
Thomasville Furniture Industries - Plant H35138927,553.35
Tires, Inc.152,608.00
Tyco Electronics Corp. Bldg 0672224.00
Vf Jeanswear Winston-Salem187733,713.91
Vulcan Materials - North Quarry21117,080.00
Wake Forest University15422,318.09
Winston Printing51566,734.00