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Column information
Polluters in Wilson, North Carolina
Bridgestone/Firestone Inc7810542,789,165.43
Carolina Classic Mfg Inc714891,028.03
Carolina Forge Co. L.L.C.122,938.00
City Of Wilson - Substation #871424,341.91
City Of Wilson - Wiggins Mill Pumping St ** Inactive **77393.03
City Of Wilson - Wiggins Mill Wwtp ** Inactive **771,516.48
Eon Pharma, Llc1711929,573.24
Ershigs Inc ** Inactive **95662,865.33
Kencraft Manufacturing Inc153044,233.52
Linpac Plastics, Inc.412575,120.00
Parker Hannifin Tech. Seal Div.2341.26
S T Wooten Wilson Block Plant 45142,544.06
Saint-Gobain Containers10661,644,594.04
Standard Commercial Tobacco Company30465398,868.86
Standard Commercial Tobacco Company1621248,546.01
Tobacco Processors Inc ** Inactive **19154562,696.83
White'S Tire Service Incorporated202922,803.06
Wilson County Landfill282821,196.88
Wilson Medical Center2914317,814.29