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Polluters in Statesville, North Carolina
Asmo North Carolina, Inc.1513177,601.12
Bienfang Products Division Of Hunt940332,860.84
Bruce Hardwood Flooring Llc3046180,389.18
Cemex, Inc., Statesville Terminal392,700.00
City Of Statesville, Fourth Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant141421,606.37
City Of Statesville, Water Treatment Plant151515,805.09
Commscope Inc Statesville Plant ** Inactive **3122,577.00
Donwalt Industries Inc112295,148.58
Engineer Polymer Solutions, D/B/A Valspar121354,138.00
Foam-Cor Company, Llc17325140,217.04
Hexcel Reinforcement Corporation, Statesville Plant1911062,519.61
Hi - Tec Plating, Inc.330.07
International Paper - Statesville Container27365,698,180.96
Iredell Fiber Inc.000.00
Iredell Landfill Gas Llc111162,054.00
J. C. Steele & Sons Inc.115.00
John Boyle & Company, Inc.226724,328.59
Kewaunee Scientific Equipment Corporation1964217,072.02
Mack Molding Company9971,978.00
Pneu-Mech Systems Manufacturing, Inc.994,862.40
Ready Mixed Concrete Co., Statesville Plant #90141629,596.43
Southeastern Industrial Plating, Inc.351.48
Southern States Cooperative, Inc., Statesville Fertilizer81543,570.65
Statesville Brick Company4043315,879.06
Thona Nc, Inc.1102,620.94
Tire Centers Llc2616223,788.50
Trim Sys.000.00
Vishay/Roederstein Electronics Inc.1211.35
Warlick Paint Company, Inc.111117,501.00