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Polluters in Raleigh, North Carolina
Ajinomoto Usa Inc.3678,205.00
Avx Corp.24257.00
Beautimar Mfg. Marble Inc.112,373.00
Cargill Inc - Raleigh23991,947,963.56
City Of Raleigh Wilders Grove Landfill272774,745.82
Curvemakers Inc4411,612.30
Elster Electricity L.L.C.1190.00
Flowserve - Raleigh22105.09
Gultech Nc Inc.115.00
International Paper - Beverage Packaging Div1238196,195.45
Majestic Marble And Glass Company31340,204.13
Mallinckrodt Inc39183199,172.82
Meredith College22637,393.12
Ncsu Central Heat Plant28145331,329.54
North Carolina State Fair Landfill282840,502.10
North Wake County Landfill Facility394721,247.10
Progress Energy - Daniel Corporation Office B ** Inactive **77129.80
Raleigh Landfill Gas Co ** Inactive **814100,100.32
Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority15154,836.07
S T Wooten Corp Plant 7225,458.00
Smt, Inc.84014,285.22
Stickproof Landfill2828380.42
Surtronics Inc.248.00
Wake Co Schools Central Service Complex12221,439.48