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Column information
Polluters in Greenville, North Carolina
Carolina Telephone & Telegraph D/B/A Sprint14149,236.11
Coastal Agrobusiness Inc.12500.00
Dsm Pharmaceuticals, Inc.48522565,882.10
East Carolina University, The Brody School Of Medicine99889.77
Grady - White Boats Inc1316458,964.51
Greenville Water Treatment Plant163454,063.41
Hendrix & Dail Inc.125,000.00
Nacco Materials Handling Group Inc66368,748.60
Perdue Farms Inc. - Greenville2820,127.20
Pitt County Landfill2828859.73
Robert Bosch Tool Co92266,869.21
Smith Cotton Company22974.00
Trw Inc. Greenville Plant12255.00
Wcc Group Inc **Inactive**556,445.11