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Polluters in Greensboro, North Carolina
Apex Oil Company75555,128.52
Brenntag Southeast Inc.242,172.00
Brooks Lumber Company442,583.10
Camco Mfg. Inc.129,600.00
City Of Greensboro - White Street Landfill367347,823.00
Colonial Pipeline Company15144621,017.87
Cone Mills Corp - White Oak Plant33391369,220.66
Dow Corning Corp.242,549.00
Ecoflo Inc13891,282,776.30
Exxon Mobil Corp. Greensboro Terminal6124,965.14
Gibbs Machine Company Inc111.10
Goria Enterprises - Burial Vault Plant345,801.11
Greensboro Flexible Packaging Llc Dba North State Flexibles917545,895.34
Greensboro News & Record, Inc.8189,939.83
Guilford College - Main Campus573509,680.81
Harper Construction, Inc.223,580.00
Harvin Reaction Tech. Inc.242,043.00
Hilemn L.L.C.12255.00
Lorillard Tobacco Company29391907,524.57
Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. - Pomona Quarry2219,340.00
Morflex Chemical Company Inc1984315,176.26
Pactiv Corporation1328439,206.17
Pallet Express, Inc.1197,200.00
Plantation Pipe Line Company7243163,716.66
Precision Fabrics Group Inc.Greensboro Plant123,395.00
Procter & Gamble Mfg. Co.118.00
Purolator Facet, Inc.82551,210.46
Resco Products Inc28179141,448.08
Rf Micro Devices, Inc. Wafer Fab. 2131194,395.50
Rf Micro Devices, Inc. - Fab 1, Fab 3 And Packaging29455211,011.97
Shamrock Corp - Bruce St1614461,299.66
Shamrock Corporation Tipping Division728619,706.84
Shamrock Corporation - Gatewood Ave112,480.00
South Asia Furniture Manufacturing Company8163,223.40
Stockhausen Inc.366,778.00
The Moses H Cone Memorial Hospital84335,492.00
The Sherwin - Williams Co, Consumer Group2042308,435.77
The Sherwin - Williams Company - Stagecoach Trail1530198,830.80
Transmontaigne Product Services, Inc.1092156,464.30
Treeforms Inc8828,931.10
Tyco Electronics Corp. Bldg. 253110.68
United Metal Finishing Inc8111,424.95
Unitex Chemical Corporation218055,169.75
Univar Usa Inc. Greensboro Facility47448.00