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Polluters in Tupelo, Mississippi
B And B Concrete Company Inc, Tupelo Div3338,700.00
Bassco Foam Incorporated4418,130.00
Bonds Paving Materials Inc77136,220.00
Confortaire Inc4499,160.00
Cooper Tire And Rubber Company2065393,806.55
Downco Co33110,420.00
Fmc Corporation1313115,811.15
Foam Craft6619,860.00
Independent Furniture Supply Company77128,120.00
Inter Pac Inc7738,754.00
Krueger International Inc, Tupelo2745374,135.00
Lee County Sanitary Landfill28287,267.65
North Mississippi Medical Center8837,480.00
Stanley Works, The1522194,068.40
Sunshine Mills Inc77180,880.40
Super Sagless, A Division Of Leggett And77128,111.80
Tupelo Manufacturing Company182853,700.40
Tuscarora Plastics Inc1426257,916.20
Vitafoam Inc, Tupelo Plant Number 6133312,072.00