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Polluters in Jackson, Mississippi
Apac Mississippi Inc, Meter Road89120,800.34
Apex Prods. Inc. (Formerly Alexander Tile & Marble Inc.)1213,660.00
Armstrong World Industries Inc910488,378.00
Ashland Inc713101,076.00
Builders Marble Inc.1218,160.00
City Welding And Fabricating Inc66189,680.00
Delta Steel Company Inc88365,560.00
Doublecote Llc2525637,738.20
Duke Energy Hinds Llc3068636,540.00
Engelhard Corporation66242,480.00
Entergy Mississippi Inc, Rex Brown Plant441002,865,246.01
G And O Manufacturing Company187959,770.40
Griffin Industries Inc77357,976.00
Groen Inc.4410.00
Methodist Health Care77408,700.00
Mississippi Air National Guard, 172nd Mi1313239,410.00
Mississippi Baptist Medical Center781274,780.00
Mmc Materials Inc, Jackson Elton Road3338,700.00
Mmc Materials Inc, Jackson Fortification3338,700.00
Precision Packaging, Inc77244,660.00
Precoat Metals2642346,130.60
Safety-Kleen Sys. (607801)127.00
Superior Asphalt Inc, Jackson77121,800.00
Texas Eastern Transmission,Clinton Compr835212,960.00
Transpro Inc. (G&O Mfg.)1130.00
Tri State Brick And Tile Company Inc1818422,725.45
Yazoo Power Equipment Llc1313312,870.00