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Polluters in Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Resinall Mississippi Inc3333420,521.40
Bush Landfill At Hattiesburg28281,190.14
Forrest County Landfill At Beat 22828324.45
Forrest County Landfill At Beat 328281,635.22
Forrest County Landfill At Beat 42828324.45
Camp Shelby Sanitary Landfill2828519.12
Hudson Lumber And Truss Inc24371,125,428.00
Kohler Company, Hattiesburg Engine Plant194681,340.00
Hercules Inc151041,288,260.09
Mississippi Tank Company Inc1212243,280.00
Zeon Chemicals L P1138439,656.00
Warren Paving Inc77138,660.00
Usa Yeast Company Llc77115,166.00
Sunbeam Oster Household Products77361,780.00
Maaco Autobody Painting And Body Works,66100,760.00
Price Brothers Co. - Hattiesburg Ms447,977.74
Southeastern Concrete Company3338,700.00
Mason Forest Products Inc33231,640.00
Southeastern Concrete Company Inc3338,700.00
Marshall Durbin Processing Plant Hattiesburg Ms1112,400.00