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Polluters in Kansas City, Missouri
7 Redi-Mix Concrete Co, Inc-85th St Plant7392,487.44
90 Minute Drycleaners-90 Minute Drycleaners110.00
A T & T-Computer Center66027,937.76
Action Industrial Finishing Services-Action Industrial Finishing Services350.00
Adm/Gromark-Kansas City130.00
Advanced Coatings Inc-Bennington4152,220.00
Allied Aviation.Service Co Of Kc Inc-11401,106.00
Allied Lithographing Co-Allied Lithographing Co61228,520.00
Allied Waste Industries Sanitary Landfil-Kansas City Landfill3110095,085.68
American Airlines-Mci Maintenance And Engineering Base1657216,091.58
American Body Company-American Body Company13433,466.16
Ameristar Casino Kansas City Inc-Ameristar Casino Kansas City Inc53522,748.00
Ameritrade-Kansas City Data Center612921.40
Aquila Inc-Kci Energy Center72312,636.00
Arrow Fabricare-Arrow Fabricare3345,240.00
At & T Corporation-Oak6357,066.46
Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc-Hoechst Marion Roussel Inc9403129,633.42
Ball Metal Beverage Container Co.-Kansas City1163241,918.58
Baptist Medical Center-Baptist Medical Center62211,800.00
Bartlett & Company Grain-Kansas City7482,142.26
Bartlett Grain Company-Birmingham1667.00
Barton Nelson Inc-Barton Nelson Inc117043,020.00
Bayer Cropscience-Kansas City48281150,469.44
Blue Ridge Cleaners-43rd Street110.00
Blue River Treatment Plant-Blue River Treatment Plant2170104,275.74
Bratton Corporation (The)-Bratton Corporation (The)2318,160.00
Brendas Thriftway Cleaners-Brendas Thriftway Cleaners110.00
Brenntag Mid-South Inc-Brenntag Mid-South Inc669,640.00
Brenntag Mid-South Inc-Kansas City Plant15324,516.20
Builders Ready Mix-635120.00
Cargill Inc-Chouteau Elevator17465.80
Cargill Inc-Kansas City7551,668,164.60
Carter-Waters Corporation-Skiles Facility5117,791.96
Century Concrete Inc-Tiffany Springs6160.00
Chemcentral/Kansas City-Chemcentral/Kansas City11453,661.00
Chemetron Railway Products Inc-True-Temper Plant72611,600.00
Childrens Mercy Hospital-Childrens Mercy Hospital112742,987.50
Clarkson Construction Co-Kansas City (87th Street)6312,926.98
Clarkson Construction Co-Kansas City (Hwy 71)5230.00
Clarkson Construction Co-Kansas City (Prospect)6314,733.06
Clay & Bailey Mfg Co-Clay & Bailey Mfg Co77323,840.20
Colorific Production-Colorific Production11780.00
Commercial Lithographing Co-Commercial Lithographing Co163258,740.00
Continental Cleaners-Continental Cleaners110.00
Cook Brothers Insulation Inc-Cook Brothers Insulation Inc92413,740.00
Cook Family Foods-Kansas City67555,080.00
Courtesy Dry Cleaners-Courtesy Dry Cleaners110.00
Creekwood Cleaners-Englewood Road110.00
Crest Animal Hospital-Crest Animal Hospital110.00
Crossgates Cleaners-Crossgates Cleaners11812.00
Crown Center Redevelopment Corporation-Kansas City712343,637.28
Ctb Grain Systems-Ctb Grain Systems9214,060.00
Cycle Chrome Inc-Cycle Chrome Inc110.00
Dean Machinery-Leeds5400.00
Dean Machinery-Loma Vista5200.00
Dry Cleaner The-Dry Cleaner The110.00
Electro Bumper Plating-Electro Bumper Plating550.00
Ellis Construction-Bruce Watkins5180.00
Erseys Cleaners-Erseys Cleaners110.00
Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Company-Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Company72553,115.08
Fc Industries-Fc Industries6307,662.24
Fifth Avenue Cleaners-Kansas City110.00
Final Finish-Kansas City574,040.00
Fixture Manufacturing Corp-Winner Road5810,130.00
Folgers Coffee Co-Folgers Coffee Co14127157,039.36
Ford Motor Co-Kansas City Assembly Plant263208,123,808.18
Fordyce Concrete Co Inc-63rd Street74915,636.34
Fordyce Concrete Co-Skiles Road72319,065.72
Freshlook Cleaners-Kansas City110.00
Frontier Bag Inc-Frontier Bag Inc1120,860.00
Galamet Inc-Galamet Inc2420,743.48
Gateway Packaging Of Missouri Inc-Kansas City166036,960.70
Ged Inc-Ged Inc136,180.00
General Mills Inc-General Mills Inc931891,101.00
Georgia Pacific Corp-Packaging Div61916,632.64
Gradys Excel Cleaners-Gradys Excel Cleaners110.00
Gst Steel Co-Gst Steel Co121680.00
Hallmark Cards-Hallmark Cards6752882,587.22
Harley Davidson Motor Company-Kansas City Plant138766,849.64
Havens Steel Co-Havens Steel Co122162,720.00
Heritage Environmental Services Inc-Heritage Environmental Services Inc418360.00
Holland Nameplate & Engraving Co-Holland Nameplate & Engraving Co72010,530.00
Hunt Midwest Mining-Parvin Road2120.00
International Paper Company-International Paper Company113217,910.90
Interstate Brands Corp - Wonder Bread-Interstate Brands Corp - Wonder Bread6290.00
J. M. Fahey Construction Company-Tracy Plant197682,604.55
Jackson Plating & Polishing Inc-Jackson Plating & Polishing Inc110.00
James Cape & Sons Co-Kci Airport5130.00
James Printing Company-James Printing Company277,088.00
Jim Kidwell Construction Corp-Arrowhead Stadium160.00
Kansas City Animal Control Division-Kansas City5109,735.12
Kansas City Auto Auction-Kansas City Auto Auction102533,040.00
Kansas City Power & Light Co-Front Street82211,138.74
Kansas City Power & Light Co-Hawthorn Station85177103,113,442.47
Kansas City Power & Light Co-Northeast Station12104251,934.12
Kansas City Screw Prods. Inc.110.01
Kansas City Star (The)-Kansas City Star (The)1451146,153.10
Kansas City Zoological Gardens-Kansas City66125.82
Kci Airport - Kcmo Aviation Dept-Kci Airport - Kcmo Aviation Dept103426,403.44
Kent Cleaning Company-Kent Cleaning Company1116,000.00
Koch Materials Company-Koch Materials Company7439,580.00
Labconco Corporation-Labconco Corporation8169,083.33
Lafarge Construction Materials-Coal Mine Road5130.00
Lafarge Construction Materials-Kansas City - Prairie View Road6216,254.11
Lafarge North America Inc-85th Street Plant62413,581.31
Lafarge North America Inc-Arlington Rm Plant62114,976.86
Leawood Village Cleaners-Leawood Village Cleaners110.00
Liberty Mutual Data Center-Liberty Mutual Data Center6613,601.24
Loch Sand & Construction Co-Kansas City5170.00
Loch Sand & Construction Co-Kansas City1160.00
Loch Sand & Construction Co-Kci Airport190.00
Lone Wolf Enterprises-Lone Wolf Enterprises21210,430.56
Mallin Brothers Company Inc-Mallin Brothers Company Inc440.00
Manhattan Cleaners & Hat Works-Swope Parkway110.00
Martec Scientific-Martec Scientific393,800.00
Master Pitching Machine Inc-Master Pitching Machine Inc71823,127.06
Materials Packaging Corp-Materials Packaging Corp53914,219.48
Mayfair Cleaners & Laundry-Mayfair Cleaners & Laundry119,200.00
Michelin Aircraft Tire Corporation-Michelin Aircraft Tire Corporation84546,105.54
Mid-America Car Inc-Mid-America Car Inc6811,430.00
Mid-West Terminal Warehouse Company-Barge Terminal23020,239.88
Midwest Block & Brick-Kansas City Plant63717,590.52
Midwest Hanger Co-Kansas City Plant72317,030.00
Miller Material Co.110.10
Mississippi Lime Co-Kansas City Terminal2416,208.90
Missouri Plating Company-Missouri Plating Company7223,129.00
Monierlifetile L.L.C.110.62
Mount Moriah-Mount Moriah626832.18
Nakano Foods Inc-Nakano Foods Inc935100,316.16
Nazarene Publishing House-Nazarene Publishing House4810,300.00
New Surface Llc-East 12th71313,105.40
Newcomers D. W. & Sons-Kansas City7131,638.36
North American Galvanizing Co-Kansas City72212,507.48
Output Technologies Graphics Resources-Output Technologies Graphics Resources61716,080.00
Oxford Cleaners-Oxford Cleaners110.00
Park Lawn Funeral Home-Kansas City7736,074.06
Paulo Products Company-Paulo Products Company84512,219.20
Penny'S Concrete Inc-Kansas City2928,483.52
Pennys Concrete Inc-Martin City Plant21018,566.40
Performance Roof Systems Inc-Performance Roof Systems Inc813122,217.28
Permacel Kansas City Inc-Kansas City7588,661.00
Plaza Ford Ideal Dry Cleaners-7300 Wornall Road110.00
Plaza Ford Ideal Dry Cleaners-Broadway1111,160.00
Plaza Ford Ideal Dry Cleaners-Virginia1250,000.00
Prestige Cleaners-Prestige Cleaners110.00
Pride Cleaners-51st Street110.00
Pride Cleaners-Antioch Road110.00
Pride Cleaners-Barry Road110.00
Pride Cleaners-Barry Road110.00
Pride Cleaners-Chatham110.00
Pride Cleaners-Cosby Ave110.00
Pride Cleaners-Westport Road110.00
Pro Cleaners-Pro Cleaners110.00
Purina Mills-Purina Mills6101,661.80
Quality Cleaners-Barry Road110.00
Quality Hill Cleaners-Quality Hill Cleaners110.00
Quality Wood Products-Quality Wood Products163641,758.00
Quebecor World Eagle Inc-Quebecor World Eagle Inc91353,880.00
Quintiles Inc-Quintiles Inc14129474.05
Research Medical Center-Research Medical Center86028,577.48
Richardson Printing Inc-Richardson Printing Inc1615,880.00
Ross Miller Cleaners-Ross Miller Cleaners115,080.00
Rosse Lithographing Company-Rosse Lithographing Company120.00
Rotadyne Roll Group-Rotadyne Roll Group8100.00
Royal Master Cleaners-Royal Master Cleaners110.00
S & H Enterprises Inc-Shirleys Cleaners110.00
Scotch Deluxe Cleaners-Scotch Deluxe Cleaners110.00
Shamrock Cleaners-Shamrock Cleaners110.00
Sheilas Dry Cleaners Inc-Sheilas Dry Cleaners Inc11740.00
Small Animal Hospital Inc-Small Animal Hospital Inc5560.00
Solvent Recovery Corp-Kansas City624440.00
Speedy Cleaners-Independence Ave110.00
Sprint Communications-Holmes112,847.00
St. Joseph Hospital-Kansas City107229,547.50
St. Lukes Hospital Of Kansas City-Kansas City126334,015.00
St. Lukes Northland Hospital-St. Lukes Northland Hospital66413,305.00
Stone Container Corporation-Gardner Plant95062,380.00
Stowers Institute For Medical Research-Stowers Institute For Medical Research65414,918.32
Summit Machine Prods. Inc.110.03
Superior Asphalt Company Inc-Kansas City1242124,884.24
Superior Asphalt Portable Plant-Kansas City128489,224.96
Superior Bowen Asphalt Co Llc-144th (Plant 2)126767,325.10
Superior Bowen Asphalt Co Llc-Manchester Road Site1243101,991.48
Supreme Cleaners Inc-Blue Ridge Blvd110.00
Swyden Cleaners-Swyden Cleaners119,980.00
Tenneco Automotive36279.00
Tension Envelope Corporation-Kansas City 19th Street61754,913.00
Thriftway Cleaners-Thriftway Cleaners220.00
Tower Cleaners & Laundry-Westport Road11520.00
Townsend Communications-Townsend Communications2517,100.00
Trabon Paris Printing Co.-Trabon Paris Printing Co.102332,100.00
Trigen Energy Corporation-Grand Avenue Station4919518,620,552.16
Trinity Lutheran Hospital-Baltimore Avenue88810,440.00
Truman Medical Center - East-Truman Medical Center - East71314,558.74
Truman Medical Center - West-Truman Medical Center - West79965,136.94
U. S. $1.75 Cleaners-Noland Road110.00
U. S. Dept Of Energy-Kansas City Plant (Alliedsignal)23172119,682.41
United States Postal Service-Kansas City Missouri Main Post Office9131,704.00
United States Postal Service-Kcmo Processing & Distribution Ctr6611,980.00
Universal Manufacturing Co-Universal Manufacturing Co238,360.00
University Of Missouri - Kansas City-Hospital Hill76310,604.46
University Of Missouri - Kansas City-Volker711556,884.26
Va Medical Center-Va Medical Center1011015,445.22
Vance Brothers Inc-Vance Brothers Inc767122,675.42
Village Cleaners Inc-Kansas City110.00
Wash House-Wash House1125.00
Water Supply Division-Kansas City63775,447.40
Weld Racing Inc-Weld Racing Inc71824,954.12
Weld Wheel Inds.2210.00
Western Container Co-Western Container Co1351,460.00
Westin Crown Hotel-Dry Cleaners5100.00
Westport Cleaners-Westport Cleanrs110.00
Wire Rope Corporation Of America-Kansas City71419,032.72
Wolcott & Lincoln Jackson Llc-Kansas City1529.80
Zachs Fifth Avenue Cleaners-Zachs Fifth Avenue Cleaners110.00