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Polluters in Independence, Missouri
Independence Power And Light-Blue Valley Station811813,182,479.07
Alliant Llc-Lake City Army Ammunition Plant30132231,698.58
Little Blue Valley Sewer District-Atherton Waste Water Treatment Plant751126,556.98
Burd & Fletcher-Independence Plant13112,851.60
Lafarge North America Inc-Independence Quarry63255,319.64
Unilever Bestfoods North America-Unilever Bestfoods North America817955,023.02
Rock Creek Treatment Plant-Rock Creek Treatment Plant94839,318.06
Aero Transportation Products Inc-Independence Plant5917,358.00
Independence Power And Light-Sub Station I61216,404.00
Independence Power And Light-Sub Station H62413,393.20
Englewood Cleaners-Englewood Cleaners117,040.00
Medical Center Of Independence-Independence6244,868.86
Independence Power And Light-Sub Station J6124,847.00
Independence Animal Shelter-Independence771,387.32
B & J Dry Cleaning & Laundry-B & J Dry Cleaning & Laundry111,320.00
A & M Cleaners-A & M Cleaners111,080.00
B'S Cleaners-Independence11860.00
Vip Cleaners-Noland Road11600.00
Crysler Animal Hospital-Independence55385.12
Old Town Park Cleaners-Independence11200.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (508502)237.12
Executive Shirt Svc Inc-Executive Shirt Svc Inc110.00
Pride Cleaners-Noland Road110.00
Independence Regional Health Center-Independence6420.00
Country Cleaners-Country Cleaners550.00