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Polluters in Minneapolis, Minnesota
934th Airlift Wing609356,682.98
Aacron Inc555,920.00
Aaron Carlson Corp161638,602.80
Abbott Northwestern Hospital52504312,672.01
Acme Foundry Co441,640.00
Adm Milling - A Flour Mill4264181,678.27
Adm Milling Co - Atkinson Flour Mill5526,420.00
Adm Milling Co - Nokomis Flour Mill5516,020.00
Advanced Web Technologies - Mpls4424,980.00
Aggregate Industries Inc - Yard D335,760.00
Aggregate Industries Inc -Mpls Ready Mix5525,560.00
American Express Financial Corp - Operat456636,308.11
American Spirit Graphics Corp1118,300.00
Andersen Consulting Tower3030566.92
Atlas Manufacturing Div Of Meribel443,740.00
Bituminous Roadways Inc - Minneapolis686853,902.47
Brownie Tank Manufacturing Co551,200.00
Bureau Of Engraving Inc439898,740.27
Bureau Of Engraving Inc - Marshall St171723,087.60
Burlington Northern Railroad - Northtown556,580.00
Bystrom Bros Inc383827,520.03
Cemstone Products - Minneapolis3390,000.00
Centerpoint Energy Minnegasco - Gv44525,352.95
Centerpoint Energy Minnegasco - River43522,853.76
Centerpoint Energy Minnegasco - South43522,964.08
City Of Minneapolis Traffic Maintenance141517,125.15
Cooperative Printing1115,000.00
Covanta Hennepin Energy Resource Co Lp621451,172,662.31
Csc Property Llc/American Express Client30301,510.50
Davis - Frost Inc515313,992.44
Dayton'S Plant42569,981.52
Delmar Elevator111,860.00
Diamond Vogel North Inc419853,011.85
Donaldson Co Inc4972120,204.78
Douglas Corp - Mpls4214542,055.98
Dunwoody Institute39407,252.83
Electric Machinery Co4761341,671.34
Excel Metal Finishing Inc111138,484.60
Exhibitgroup/Giltspur - Minneapolis111,660.00
Fairview University Medical Center41473,525.09
Froedtert Malt Corp - Minneapolis113,340.00
G & K Services - Minneapolis Industrial48375239,448.21
Gaf Building Materials Corp50317170,221.08
General Electric Int'L Inc - Mpls33600.00
General Mills - Checkerboard Facility11880.00
General Mills - Soo Elevator11940.00
General Mills Data Center - Minneapolis30301,847.16
General Mills Inc - Minneapolis479725,549.20
General Mills Operations - Elevator T111,020.00
General Mills Operations Inc - Purity5530,300.00
Gopher Motor Rebuilding Inc992,980.20
Gopher State Litho Corp7737,653.00
Graco Minnesota Inc. Minneap Olis3521,009.00
Greatbatch - Globe Tool Inc2451,234.40
Happy'S Potato Chip Co5516,180.00
Hard Chrome Inc431748,056.72
Hauenstein & Burmeister Inc72319,144.15
Hawkins Inc - Minneapolis675,499.00
Hc Osvold Co44880.00
Heinrich Envelope11260.00
Hennepin County Energy Center47392121,067.43
Hiawatha Metalcraft Inc3313,815.00
Hiawatha Rubber Co2214,940.00
Holcim Us Inc - Minneapolis Terminal116,540.00
Honeywell Inc - Military Avionics414231,464.00
Illbruck Inc - Minneapolis395144,553.52
Industrial Container Services - Mn Llc5529,300.00
Interplastic Corp - Minneapolis Plant477119,057.91
Invest Cast Inc39413,181.69
Isd 273 - Edina Community Center42583,933.18
Kohl & Madden Printing Ink Corp4433,880.00
Korstar Inc2211,300.00
Kurt Manufacturing Inc - Quincy St43449,374.57
Leef Bros Inc42424166,706.01
Lejeune Steel Co464728,496.12
Mackay Envelope Co Llc13631,080.00
Main Plant/Riverside5140692,514.42
Marshall Field'S Distribution Center5541,440.00
Mcto - Heywood Garage467314,715.62
Mcto - Nicollet Garage46725,351.43
Medtronic, Inc.1110.00
Mentor Urology - Minneapolis414248,432.30
Mesaba Aviation Inc4565838.10
Metropolitan Airports Commission55180,560.00
Meyers Printing191982,154.40
Millcraft Llc2218,920.00
Minneapolis City Hall/Courthall30312,649.05
Minneapolis City Of - Asphalt Plant686829,325.62
Minneapolis Institute Of Arts42595,805.20
Minneapolis Water Works - Fridley466918,067.74
Minneapolis-St Paul Intl/Wold-Chamberlain/5724727,192,856.87
Minnesota Supercomputer Center30302,371.08
Minnesota Veterans Home - Minneapolis479018,579.24
Mpls Community & Technical College47895,484.58
Mpls Garage (City Of) Equip Serv - 603642583,528.60
Nevers Industries Inc475030,743.72
Nico Products Inc4719476,332.96
North Star International Trucks Inc117,060.00
Northwest Airlines Inc - Mpls/St Paul531124389,485.23
Nrg Energy Center Minneapolis Llc564921,584,036.91
Nrg Foster House Facility30301,636.90
Nrg North Riverfront Plant39395,445.96
Nrg Riverside Plant479054,305.64
Nsp - General Office3031541.36
Nystrom Inc - Minneapolis6641,288.78
Omni Refurbishing404116,459.57
Owens Corning - Mpls Plant42303456,946.02
Packaging Corporation Of America5519,120.00
Pechiney Plastic Packaging Inc - Mpls423461,302,534.30
Permatite Manufacturing345,046.00
Pioneer Metal Finishing5537,840.00
Port Of Minneapolis115177,736.89
Power Coat Inc224,800.00
Pro Finishing Services4425,820.00
Process Displays Co393948,790.49
Prospect Foundry Inc42150143,854.09
Qwest Communications - 12075303015,845.12
Qwest Communications - Minneapolis5533,400.00
Qwest Communications Inc - Wayzata443,240.00
Ritrama Inc4372299,088.04
Screen Printed Products Inc332,860.00
Shapco Printing Inc404140,903.17
Shriner'S Hospital4410,940.00
Smith Foundry4223530,597.51
Smyth Companies Inc - Minneapolis404036,704.40
Star Exhibits Inc - Shingle Creek116,920.00
Star Tribune11669,640.00
Superior Ford Inc101021,531.00
Superior Plating Inc45682216,978.50
Swanson & Youngdale Inc3838611.33
Target Center3030943.58
Target Financial Services499821,765.30
Target Stores Corporate Headquarters30307,808.29
Tcb 7 Llc C/O Excel Management Llc45683,520.80
Techne/R & D Systems Inc45699,006.43
Technical Center4411,980.00
The Hustad Co - Central Ave112,900.00
Thermo King Corp - Minneapolis479160,304.23
Twin City Bottle447,860.00
Twin City Die Castings Co - Mpls5511,960.00
Twin City Plating551,910.00
U.S. Air Force Minneapolis St. Paul Iap Ars Mn111.00
United Defense Lp5630447,428.32
University Of Minnesota - Campus Sources3334827,359.03
University Of Minnesota - Library Access3030644.84
University Of Mn - S 2nd St45682,493.76
University Of Mn - Twin Cities1031104687,284.02
Velocity Express41422,017.47
Veterans Agency Medical Center - Minneap5553,640.00
Weather-Rite Inc - Minneapolis2211,445.00
Web Label Ltd442,780.00
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage478613,030.60
Whirl-Air-Flow Corp - Mpls443,460.00
Xcel Energy - Riverside Generating Plant8450656,148,363.66
Zalk Steel & Supply Co.1213.00