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Polluters in Eagan, Minnesota
Aggregate Industries Inc - Nonmetallic313529,667.98
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Of Minnesota457022,125.12
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Of Mn - Eagan467110,081.53
Byerly'S - Eagan30301,215.97
Cub Foods - Eagan3030881.87
Eagan Municipal Center30301,301.52
Ecolab - Engineering Center536191,381.95
Finishing Equipment Inc118,620.00
Gopher Resource Corp815473,157,866.19
Hilex Corp. (Dba Kik (Minnesota) Inc.)11190.00
Isd 196 - Eagan High School2727127.69
Lockheed Martin Tactical Systems Inc554,940.00
Midwest Coca-Cola Bottling Co5565,040.00
Minerals Solutions Inc114,040.00
Northwest Airlines Inc - Building J478917,312.56
Rosemount Aerospace Inc - Eagan446,020.00
Safety-Kleen Sys. (510302)125.00
Seneca Wastewater Treatment Plant73227366,845.89
Skyline Displays Inc - Intl Design Ctr507416,886.68
Unisys Macs - Eagan456829,626.44
Water Heater Innovations Inc.1212,079.00
West Group Co - Eagan547867,331.43