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Polluters in Duluth, Minnesota
A. E. Staley Mfg. Co.1269.90
Ae Staley Manufacturing Co55106,600.00
Agp Grain Ltd1110,920.00
Bay Side Recycling111,260.00
Bendtec Inc5534,080.00
C Reiss Coal Co - Duluth Dock11317,018.59
Cargill Inc - Duluth - Elevator B111,040.00
College Of St Scholastica4910350,317.11
Cub Foods - Duluth30306,526.77
Duluth Air National Guard Base47156025,062.70
Duluth Brass Manufacturing Inc11360.00
Duluth Entertainment & Convention Center478814,590.89
Duluth International Airport (Daa)4565962.50
Duluth Intl57247980,064.16
Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Railway Co -12963,780.00
Duluth Steam Cooperative Association847101,437,911.29
Duluth Superior Blacktop Inc686834,430.74
Engineer'S Realty Demolition Landfill28289,379.02
General Mills Elevator A - Duluth111,560.00
Georgia-Pacific - Duluth Hardboard694391,498,762.33
Hallett Dock Co - Dock 51281,823.42
Hallett Dock Co - Dock 6114,780.00
Maney International Of Duluth Inc35353,400.14
Me Global Inc421021164,291.61
Me Global Inc.48110.20
Miller Hill Super One Foods30302,559.63
Minnesota Power Inc - Ml Hibbard983731,991,105.15
Murphy Marine Terminal112663.48
Northland Crushing Inc - Nonmetallic316738,247.62
Northshore Wood Products551,497.01
Northwest Airlines - Airbus Maintenance7160214,670.34
Qwest Communications - Duluth44520.00
Sky Harbor346885,077.96
St Lawrence Cement - Duluth Terminal114,260.00
St Mary'S Medical Center47897,231.21
Stora Enso Dpm & Drpm47115271,945.40
U.S. Air Force Duluth Minnesota Ang122,428.00
University Of Minnesota - Duluth5347563,776.28
Western Lake Superior Sanitary District384743,203.74
Wlssd (Duluth Disposal Co)29297,770.51