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Column information
Polluters in Bloomington, Minnesota
8100 Building45669,279.21
Best Buy Bloomington Distribution Center30302,497.92
Brunk Minnesota Llc44420.00
Bucks Unpainted Furniture Inc226,860.00
Cypress Semiconductor (Minnesota) Inc5110474,520.83
Degussa Construction Chemicals Ops. Inc.121,417.00
General Dynamics Advanced Information Sy6714,820.50
Genpak Llc - Formerly Strout Plastics42496257,951.23
Hitchcock Industries Inc424665,941.32
Isd 271 - Jefferson Sr High School42563,540.05
Isd 271 - Kennedy Sr High School42604,483.17
Isd 271 - Oak Grove Middle School42604,932.95
Isd 271 - Olson Middle School42594,012.56
Jim Lupient Harold Chevrolet7719,410.00
Johnson Finishing Co4410,080.00
Litho Technical Services141421,019.20
Master Collision Group Llc - Bloomington151518,242.00
Polarfab L.L.C.111,883.00
Qwest Communications - Normandale45662,706.69
Release Coatings Of Minneapolis Inc4212268,485.07
The Toro Co - Lyndale311507165,226.64
Worldwide Warehouse - Bloomington47902,527.55
Ziegler Inc - Bloomington5710744,081.73