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Polluters in Saginaw, Michigan
Alchem Aluminum, Inc.61760,890.00
Bourdow Lf282814,242.21
Buena Vista Township Lf2828970.67
Bus White / Urb Excav / Bridgeport2828970.67
Champagne & Marx Exc Inc1517322.40
Champagne & Marx Exc Inc1517173.60
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc15160.00
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc.151720.58
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc.151750.96
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc.15170.98
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc.15172.94
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc.15171.96
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc.1519481.88
Champagne & Marx Excavating Inc.151714.70
City Of Saginaw Slf2828277.88
City Of Saginaw Slf282814,242.21
Delphi E & C Systems Saginaw Operations3955232,972.62
Delphi Saginaw Steering Systems, Holland Road261202,462,790.84
Eaton Corp3816580,498.47
Gase Bakery Division5837,844.00
General Motors - Powertrain Group Saginaw72002,578,884.18
Gm Powertrain Group - Saginaw Metal Cas645004,862,230.54
Gmpt Saginaw Malleable Iron364,513.00
Greenpoint Slf2828970.67
Jk Industrial Processing Llc - Cedarapids Plant30316,463.40
Jk Industrial Processing Llc - El Jay Plant303111,644.82
Jk Industrial Processing Llc - Telsmith 52g Plant30313,420.72
Jk Industrial Processing Llc - Telsmith 52s Plant303113,257.03
Kochville Township Dump2828970.67
Midland Contracting Co448766,088.94
Rotor Coaters International56134,991.00
Safety Kleen Corp.391,337.00
Saginaw Asphalt Paving Co396063,693.83
Saginaw Control & Engineering, Inc.4810,861.00
Saginaw Metal Casting Ops.1626176,057.00
Saginaw Valley Landfill69193,228.00
Sexton Van Wormer Road Lf.2828970.67
Spaulding Township Dump282814,242.21
Thomas Township Slf282814,242.21
Valley Asphalt Company - Plant 10243135,373.46
Valley Asphalt Company - Plant 20263146,006.52
Valley Asphalt Company - Plant 3039573,169.68
Valley Asphalt Company - Plant 3039576,735.58