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Polluters in Muskegon, Michigan
S. D. Warren, Muskegon, Mi, Operations804258,532,265.55
B. C. Cobb Plant7938434,403,279.56
Esco Company Limited Partnership4013734,364.84
Dana Corporation - Sanford Street Facility65113579,194.21
Sun Chemical Corp3710659,685.79
Eagle Alloy Inc9101237,079.02
Lorin Industries608390,483.58
Bayer Cropscience Lp367814,447.90
Brunswick Bowling And Billiards416990,619.03
Michigan Steel1059129,642.74
General Dynamics Land Systems Muskegon744107,784.50
Asphalt Paving, Inc263766,528.76
Honeywell International (Burdick & Jackson)93026,006.99
Dana Corporation - Harvey Street Facility72842,016.48
Northside Landfill28282,051.99
Duell & Gardner Lf2828380.42
City Of Muskegon Lf28282,051.99
City Of Muskegon Heights28282,051.99
Environmental Systems Corp.28282,051.99
Anchor Exc & Wrecking Co Lf2828380.42
Egelston Township Dump2828248.32
Burgess-Norton Mfg. Co. / Std. Auto Parts Co.Div.72628,520.00
Adac Door Components Muskegon Plants132663,083.63
Cannon Muskegon Corp82424,470.60
Kaydon Bearing Co51312,808.00
Holland Usa, Inc. - Muskegon Division61011,861.00
Bekaert Corp51012,281.00
Johnson Tech. Inc.361,500.00
Almond Product, Inc.3310,682.00
Muskegon Castings Corp.125.60
Michigan Spring & Stamping Precision Prods. Group Inc.1210.00
Great Lakes Die Cast Corp. (Formerly Dilesco Corp.)1213.00
Bayer Cropscience12298.00
Tech Line Products2213,482.00
Port City Die Cast1210.00
Non Ferrous Cast Alloys Inc.1124.00
Gmi Composites Inc.116,950.50
Nupak Solutions, Inc.115,565.00