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Polluters in Midland, Michigan
Allied Concrete Products Inc15167,502.91
Allied Concrete Products Inc15167,152.58
Allied Concrete Products Inc15163,007.00
Allied Concrete Products Inc15169,137.78
Allied Concrete Products Inc15162,393.92
Cabot Corporation1012361,290.00
City Of Midland Municipal Solid Waste Facility2294,603.00
Dow Corning - Midland Plant51148435,152.46
Dow Corning Corp Lf2828324.45
Ingersoll Township Dump28286,569.06
Janet Sand & Gravel Co Inc - Plant 40243113,236.03
Lee Township Dump28286,569.06
Mckay Press Inc12054,043.00
Midland Cogeneration Venture4310611,070,983.45
Mills Township Dump28286,569.06
Mt Haley Township Dump2828198.56
Old Castle Inc. 4d110.10
Old Currie Park Lf28281,069.83
Poseyville Rd / Dow Chemical Co2828198.56
The Dow Chemical Company U.S.A., Midland872611,548,624.76