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Column information
Polluters in Livonia, Michigan
Asc Inc31253,499.00
Basf Corp6446,562.00
City Of Livonia Lf Site2828302.23
Country Fresh Embest1110,360.00
Crown Group The Livonia4621,086.00
Exhibit Works132,958.00
Ford Motor Co Autotrans New Prod.301861,993,140.58
Ford Motor Co/ Livonia Transmission Plant37149163,902.68
Kopacz Industrial Painting Co2109,801.16
Livonia Landfill2828324.45
Mc Laren Engines Inc1225547,745.09
Mcgean-Rohco Inc.121,650.00
Mh Industries Inc134,811.00
Nagle Recycling Co114,636.00
Producto Chemicals115.00
Roush Industries652486,300.00
St Mary Hospital3610915,881.96
Tru Line Metal Prod Inc112,181.00